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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

2015 Summer Guide to Kauai!

Summer Is Here and So Is the Kauai County Fair! 

Ever think about “how much more FUN” a vacation on Kauai can be during the summer?  Well here is your opportunity to find out “HOW MUCH FUN” is waiting for you around every corner! Yes! There is the beach, there is surfing, lush green landscapes, and plenty of time to relax, hang out, and explore the Garden Island – and this month we are all getting ready for the Kauai County Farm Bureau FAIR!  

We are talking 4 days of Fun, Food, Farming & Great Entertainment for the entire Family!  And that means you can spend the day hiking Kauai’s many picturesque trails, swimming in the pool and at the beach, and watching a breathtaking sunset on your own private lanai – and still have time to Enjoy the rides, games, and entertainment!

Close your eyes and imagine yourself holding a tropical smoothie with the sound of waves gently splashing on the shore – and then open them back up and see yourself laughing and having a GREAT TIME with your hair blowing in the breeze! And when you stay with us, you get the benefit of 37+ years of the vacation planning experience we are known for, all over the world.  :- )

Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc has 200+ accommodations all over the Garden Island waiting for you to call “home” – and we are all ready to assist you in planning one of the greatest vacations you have ever had. So take a look at our website and let’s start getting your arrival date confirmed!

Now, let’s get you even more excited about getting some “summer time” here on Kauai with the next chapter of our 2015 Vacation Planning Guide and a special section called My Family’s Amazing Summer Vacation on Kauai and Great Things To Do on the Water! 

Our Amazing Family Summer Vacation On Kauai!

My name is Kimberly Rose and this is my lovely family and the Kilauea Lighthouse in the background – and it is very exciting to share some highlights from our recent vacation on the Garden Island.  :- )  The Rose family has made Kauai our “vacation destination” for the past ten years and we consider it our home away from home! In fact, when I think of all the incredible memories, my heart warms like the soft golden sand on the North Shore beaches!

This year’s summer vacation was as FUN and restful as all other visits. And that’s the thing about Kauai… there is always something new to experience and something Fun to do… and that keeps us coming back over and over again!
So… when my Friends at Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc asked me to share my “Top 5 Highlights” from our amazing summer vacation, I was happy to tell you our story!

Highlight 1:  Shifting Your Busy Gears into Tranquil “Kauai Time”!

One of the many things we love about visiting Kauai… is letting some days “happen” as they will. Coming from the hustle of Los Angeles and having the opportunity to slow down on the Kauai roads is always a welcome change of pace! And in addition to driving around and exploring the beautiful island, some days we wanted to be adventurous while other days were set aside for RELAXATION.  My tip for all Kauai visitors is “downshift” and get used to the relaxed pace of “Kauai time!”

One day on this visit, we all got up late after a restful sleep and went to Hanalei Town on the North Shore for a hearty breakfast. The area has plentiful options for eating and I encourage everyone to explore the area on your vacation.
After breakfast, we wandered around window-shopping and looking at menus for dinners to come later in the trip. One of the shops we found was this lovely boutique called HavaikiBubba Burgers

We met the shop owner, Dylan, who explained that he and his family have traveled the world for years collecting art. In fact, the yacht pictured here is one on which they have traveled over 60,000 miles! I found a hand-carved wooden crab crafted from a single piece of wood by an artist from Papua New Guinea. 

And yes, every day our Family had options… from bike rides to swimming, to sightseeing and kicking back at the beach. The great thing about Kauai is that the island is always conducive to your mood!

Photo courtesy of

Highlight 2:  Our Return to Kapaa!

I was saying before… there is always something new to see on the island. For example, this trip we spent more time in Kapaa than ever before. This quaint town on the East Side has a bunch of authentic local shops, restaurants, and walking areas. The impressive Nounou Mountain known as “The Sleeping Giant” can be seen in the background of the whole Kapaa area.

On previous trips we have spent a lot of time in Princeville, Hanalei and Poipu. Definitely check out these areas when you visit! This year, the Family decided to explore Kapaa’s local flavor. Kinipopo Shopping Village and the Wailua Shopping Plaza are great places to get souvenirs and there are many wonderful restaurants serving everything my husband and children were craving. 

And speaking of eating, I have to say our favorite spot in Kapaa is probably Monico's Taqueria! If you love authentic Mexican cuisine and top-notch tropical drinks, be sure and stop by!  (Pssst… they are open Tuesday through Sunday!)

Photo courtesy of

Highlight 3: Get a Fresh Taste of Kauai Cuisine at The Bistro Kilauea

OK – picture this! You just returned to your Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc accommodation after a wonderful outdoor hike… or just spent the day lounging on the beach and by the pool…. And maybe you went shopping with your daughter while the guys took off for the day fishing! 

It is time for dinner and Kauai has so many GREAT restaurants to satisfy everyone’s appetite. And after coming to Kauai for the past 10 years, we have tried MANY great places all over the island, and still, we are always excited to find new ones.

It is also worth mentioning the wonderful Farmer’s Markets and fresh seafood vendors sprinkled over the island. We always look forward to spending time in our accommodation, making fresh meals from food we purchased earlier in the day!

On this trip we discovered The Bistro Kilauea. This restaurant is located on the North Shore about ten minutes from Princeville. “Word on the island” is the Bistro has the best burgers ever… so, we agreed we had to investigate!
The Bistro was hopping when we arrived. Local residents and tourists packed the place. We kept seeing different plates pass by, so we ordered a whole mix of things when we got our table. All of their food was tremendous and the service was excellent. I can earnestly say that the Bistro Burger deserves its reputation as one of the best on Kauai!

Our Recommendations for Achieving a Perfect Balance of Relaxation and Exploration!

While thinking about “three things I would recommend” for a first time visitor on Kauai, I had to think about it for a while! After all the great times we have every year, it was challenging to narrow down the numerous possibilities for FUN. And after some consideration I have to say… the strongest suggestion I have is balance your time with unique opportunities for exploring and adventure – with days of pure, simple rest!
And, to narrow down all my great memories to three, let’s start with a drive to Waimea Canyon State Park.

Waimea Canyon is often called “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” and as you can see from the photo above, this description is pretty accurate! Located on the West Side of the island, the Canyon is about ten miles long and around 3,000 feet deep. There are many trails to hike ranging from easy to challenging and the Park has a picnic area with breathtaking scenery!    
My second recommendation is a day of complete relaxation at Tunnels Beach on the North Shore.  This spot is one of my favorites because it has soft sand and ample beachfront – and there are lifeguards on duty!

Tunnels is also known as “Makua” and its majestic mountain range is seen in the movie “South Pacific.” Tunnels gets its name from the surfers and divers who love this area. Public parking, bathrooms, and showers are all available at Haena Beach Park, west of Tunnels.

You can certainly spend the day lying on the beach, taking dips in the sea, and sipping your favorite tropical beverage. You can also see surfers, scuba scubers (is that a word?), and people snorkeling – with smiles on everyone’s faces as they bask in Kauai’s natural beauty.
Below the surface, Tunnels is a favorite area for seeing underwater lava tubes and caverns. If you are up for Fun water activities, putting your feet in the sand, and catching the sunset… be sure to visit Tunnels Beach!  
Photos courtesy of (Tunnels) and The Rose Family

And for my third recommendation, I have to say, “Fielder’s Choice!”  Let each day unfold and let the Family choose what they would like to do next at a casual pace! There are so many amazing things to see and do on the island, let your “mood” of the day call the shots: a day of adventure? A day of relaxation?  On Kauai, you can have it all! 

Already Looking Forward to My Next Trip Back!

WOW! What a Fun time we had on our vacation. I am already looking forward to our next one! Good thing I have all kinds of souvenirs from Kauai around our home, reminding me of fond memories and the thought of going back to our home away from home!  When you are looking for a great place to relax and completely decompress, and you crave amazing adventures unique to one place in the world, the Garden Island is the ideal destination for your Family – and Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc has your place to stay!

Thanks for sharing in our story!  We look forward to hanging out with you on Kauai, soon!

Thanks, to Kim and the Rose Family!

What a great share, Kim!  Thanks!!!  Now, let’s take a look at even more great ways of spending time in the water on Kauai!

More Great Things To Do In The Water!

When you think of Kauai, what are some of the first things that pop into your head? Maybe a postcard of a hula dancer you received from a friend… a sunset or waterfall you saw during your last visit… and the waves, the surf, and the gorgeous sea surrounding the island! Yes, all these great images surely come to mind!

Now that summer is in full swing, let’s explore some more great ways to Enjoy FUN water activities! Have you ever explored the underwater world beneath Kauai’s shores on a snorkeling tour? How about spending the day deep sea fishing with Family & Friends? How about catching your first wave on a surfboard?

Yes, there are many ways to have FUN in the water and here are some great things to keep in mind: always remember safety first! Wear your sunglasses, bring suntan lotion, and keep a watchful eye on your Family and Friends – particularly the kids – and also keep an eye on other vacationers who just might need a helping hand!

Now, let’s look at some amazing options for having FUN in the water this summer!

Exploration and Adventure Await You Underwater - with Scuba!

Behold the vibrant world of life right under the ocean surface when you take a Scuba tour! Scuba actually has a specific meaning – a “self contained underwater breathing apparatus” – which allows a diver to breathe underwater. 

You can find some more interesting factoids about the history of Scuba, here.
For your vacation, we are sharing a few suggestions for Scuba tours available on the island. Keep in mind these tours are always accompanied by a dive instructor – and all skill levels are welcome!

SeaSport Divers is a top rated Scuba Dive operator with 2 South Shore boat trips per day, 7 days a week! They have a wide assortment of dives for both experts and new divers.
Their website says “All of the boat dives are guided tours led by our experienced and highly trained dive guides. We keep the groups small, maximum of seven certified divers per guide. If you don't have a dive buddy we will pair you with the guide. We have high quality rental equipment from SCUBAPRO and dive computers for all certified divers diving from the boat. Our crew shoots video of each dive and it is shown once you return to the shop. You will have a chance to discuss everything that was seen on the dive and have a chance to ask your guide questions about the site, or any marine life.”

Need classes to get certified? SeaSport Divers has classes so you can get certified! This is a great opportunity to see a wide assortment of underwater creatures like surgeonfish, moray eels, and sea turtles. The ocean itself offers unique sights, too… from coral structures and rocky outcroppings to impressive lava tubes! Have fun, and always remember safety first, and the safety of others!  :- )
If you are looking for a particular ocean creature to see, try Bubbles Below Scuba Charters. Bubbles has offered scuba charters for 32 years, giving them a unique perspective on the types of wildlife visible during each season.

All dives are led by an instructor who is also a naturalist and wants to share sightings of the Hawaiian monk seal with you and your Family. What you see depends on the season. You can take a beginner tour, an advanced tour, and even a night dive! For more information on Bubbles Below, click here.

For a look at Kauai and the neighboring, remote island of Niihau, take a look at the Fathom Five official site, here.  Fathom Five offers more than 30 dive sites teeming with life and adventure. They take pride in showing their patrons the unique wildlife, unseen in any other part of the world. This tour has locations on the North Shore near Tunnels Beach and on the South Shore.

Swim in the Ocean “Like a Giant Aquarium” - with “SNUBA”!

SNUBA® is a combination of “snorkeling” and shallow water “scuba.” It is ideal for visitors who want to see the underwater life beneath Kauai without needing certification and specialized training. Basically, if scuba sounds a little too adventurous, SNUBA provides a middle ground to accommodate your group!

Tours include expert instruction with the convenience of always being very near a “security” raft floating on the surface. Our Friends who have Snuba’ed with Snuba Tours of Kauai report a quality adventure for all ages, while being expertly watched by a SNUBA® instructor/guide.
SNUBA is great FUN for children eight and older – even if you have never snorkeled! This tour is located on Lawai Beach near Poipu and Snuba Tours also offers a video of your dive! For more information, see their site, here.

Photo: Tom’s Barefoot Tours


More Great Things to See and Do on Kauai in the Next Few Weeks!

The Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair

Are you ready for four fabulous days of Food, Culture, and MORE Family Fun? Then come join us at the Kauai County Farm Bureau Fair!  Stroll through the petting zoo, see bonsai and orchid displays, and be part of the fruit & vegetable shows.
Take the kids on rides that include the Century Wheel, the Zipper, the Jungle Twist, and the Speedway! Test your driving skills on the Scooter bumper cars and rotate back and forth on the FireBall!  And yes, there are still more rides waiting to make you smile!
The Fair runs four days, starting Thursday, August 13 at 6PM through Sunday, August 16, and you can view the FULL schedule, here!  Bring the Family and park at Vidinha Stadium, then make your way onto the fairgrounds for some FUN!  There are indoor and outdoor areas and tickets are only $5 for adults and $2 for children. You can see more info about the Fair on their official site – and here is a video the Kauai County Farm Bureau posted on YouTube!

Photos courtesy of Kauai County Farm Bureau

The 3rd Annual Music and Mango Festival in Waipa on the North Shore

Come up to Halulu Fishpond for the 3rd Annual Music and Mango Festival on Sunday, August 9th from 11AM to 5PM! Hosted by the Waipa Foundation, the Festival celebrates the Island’s natural resources, Hawaiian culture, and a healthy community.  The event also raises funds for the Foundation and the work they do throughout the year!

Halulu Fishpond is a half mile past Hanalei Town on the North Shore and the Festival features all kinds of authentic food, music, displays and activities.  Island chefs and local food vendors bring incredible fare inspired by the summer mango harvest!

Just wait till you see all the Fun surrounding the contest for the biggest mango, plus mango tastings and recipes to take home! 

Are you ready for a day of relaxing FUN for the whole Family? Come celebrate Hawaiian culture and support the Waipa Foundation’s hard work in the community! We’ll see you there!

Just $10 for adults and $1 for kids age 3-18.  For more information, click here.


Be Part of the Fun Meet – a Swim Competition with a Hawaiian Flare

Keeping with this month’s “Fun in the Water” theme, come join us on Saturday, August 22nd and Sunday, August 23rd for the 2015 Fun Meet at Kapaa Pool!  This FREE event features a USA-Swimming sanctioned multiple classification swim competition, starting at 9AM both days.

Come for the swimming – stay for the FUN! See live entertainment, games, and local products for sale. Also, see a FREE Mahalo Luau with live music and hula dancing on Saturday night, starting at 5PM across the street from the Kapaa Pool.
You ready to cheer from some great swimmers? Come join the Fun at Kapaa Pool! Grab tickets and additional information, here!

Photo: Kauai Festivals

The Hot Kauai Nights Festival Is a Culmination of Everything Fun!

Join us at Vidinha Stadium for a great FREE event called Hot Kauai Nights, Friday, August 28th and Saturday, August 29th, starting at 5PM both nights. This community event features all kinds of drums, from Tahitian to Tako to Zumba – and you are invited to come dance to the beat!
The festival also has hula and bon dancing each night. If you’re in the mood to shake your hips and dance, this is the event for you!  Stroll through food booths, shop for arts and crafts from local artists, and see beautiful traditional Hawaiian costumes.

This FREE outdoor event is FUN for the whole family – and you can get more information, here.

Next Month We Celebrate September on Kauai! 

When we think of all our guests who come back to Kauai every year and stay with us, we get so excited! We know they are going to have relaxing days at the beach, exciting tours of the island’s sites, and all kinds of adventures in and on the water! And after Kim Rose’s description of all things FUN and exciting her Family loves about Kauai, we look forward to hearing your story on our Facebook Wall! 
And a special thanks to you for choosing Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc. We LOVE what we do and after 37 years of being in business here on the Garden Island, we know each day brings smiles and joy to all our guests.  Remember, summer is still happening and the Fall & Winter holidays are just around the corner. So get out your calendar, call your Friends, and tell them:  WE ARE GOING TO KAUAI!

Next month we are sharing Tips on how to have a Perfect Spa Vacation after the kids have gone back to school! Now, take a look at our Featured Properties below and jump over to our website to select your arrival date. 
Vacation is that easy!

- Aloha!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Our 2015 Kauai Vacation Guide – Come Experience a Wonderful Summer of FUN on Kauai!

Come Experience a Wonderful Summer of FUN on Kauai!  

Take a moment and think about your next vacation here on Kauai – and all the FUN ways of filling your days with adventure! Enjoying a leisurely swim at Poipu Beach Park, gathering the Family and seeing the breathtaking sights of Waimea Canyon, and strolling along the Wonderful shops in Kapaa! All these activities are GREAT ways of spending your days – and there is even MORE FUN happening on Kauai after the sun goes down!

This month our 2015 Kauai Vacation Planning Guide continues with Kauai Nights!  Yes, once the sun sets over the Garden Island it is time for delicious dining, FUN cultural experiences, and activities Everyone in the family will Enjoy! And this July, get ready for Theatrical Luaus, 4th of July Fireworks shows, Koloa Plantation Days, and great places to Eat and Enjoy Kauai’s summer nightlife!

Sound exciting? We think so too – and the best part: You can stay with us on your next vacation!!!  With 37+ years of experience being in business here on the Garden Island, Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc has 200+ accommodations located all over the island and we look forward to assisting you in planning your next vacation here in paradise. We have many options to get your plans started, including a visit to our website, a call to 1-800-367-5025, and you can email us here.

Summer is in full-swing with days AND nights of Fun waiting for your arrival. Now… are you ready for some FUN after dark? Then let’s get the Kauai Summer Party started!

Photos courtesy: Nanette Saylor, Kauai Hospice, Luau Kalamaku 

When the Sun Sets – Kauai’s Skies Light Up!

The Kauai Hospice Presents the “26th Annual Concert in the Sky” 4th of July Fireworks Celebration at Vidinha Stadium


Grab the Family and head to Lihue for the largest 
3-D Fireworks show on Kauai – choreographed to a 20-minute soundtrack prepared exclusively by Kauai Hospice… just for Kauai!

This year’s Fireworks Event begins at 4 PM – with the fireworks show scheduled to begin at 8:30 PM.  Then, the FUN continues until the event closes at 9:30 PM.

Come early and Enjoy Keiki (kids) Games, water slides, bounce houses, and more! According to Kauai Festivals, there is “all the food you can imagine at affordable Family prices!” – plus, you’ll hear great Hawaiian entertainment by local musicians and see beautiful hula dancers!

The Concert in the Sky is a shining example of what public and private partnerships can achieve on Kauai – and the proceeds benefit a great cause: Kauai Hospice. Tell your Friends and come join our national holiday celebration, flavored with local cultural experiences that Kauai is ready to share with Everyone!

Here are more details: Advance tickets are available at all Times/Big Save Markets and the Kaua’i Hospice Office from June 1st – July 3rd for $10 Adults and $5 for Children ages 6-12. At the gate, tickets are $15 Adults and $7 Children ages 6-12.

Learn more at the official siteand thanks for supporting Kauai Hospice.  We look forward to seeing you there! 

Photo courtesy of

More Fun in the Sky with The 4th of July Celebration at Faye Park in Kekaha

There are plenty of options for entertainment – especially when staying on Kauai’s West Side!

Get ready for another great 4th of July Celebration happening at Faye Park in the beautiful town of Kekaha. This FREE event starts at 4 PM on Saturday, July 4th, 2015 – and you are invited!

See cultural demonstrations, check out exhibits and crafts, tour the Kekaha Sugar Plantation Museum and Railway before the fireworks show – and Enjoy numerous game booths and rides for the kids! There are also plenty of Ono food booths, cold water, and soda, too!  (This is a non-alcoholic event).

Then – as the sun sets and darkness paints the tropical sky – get your mats, chairs, and eyes ready for the Spectacular "OMG" Fireworks Display! – accompanied by live music honoring the Military Men and Women of Hawaii who serve and protect our Liberty and our Country.

Come join the FUN in Kekaha during the day with local entertainment and contests, a talent show, and more FUN to be announced the day of the Event – and Celebrate the 4th of July, Kauai-style!  Kauai Festivals has more information right here!

Yes! More FUN Awaits You, After Dark

Come Explore Art, Music, Food and FUN in Historic Hanapepe Town

Ready to experience Kauai’s authentic local flavor? Then we have the place for you! Take a ride to Hanapepe Town and see a world-famous historical area on Kauai’s West Side. Known as “Kauai’s Biggest Little Town,” this area is surrounded by fertile fields that were once the center of crop exports for many years. In fact, salt trading was the earliest entrepreneurial legacy of the town, a harvest tradition passed from generation to generation that still continues to this day.


When you visit you will notice the town’s architecture has an “old west” feel to it. Actually, according to the town’s official website, the reason why Hanapepe looks so much like the “American West” is because many of the carpenters and architects who built the town also built many other historical sites on the continental U.S.! And once the sun goes down, Hanapepe Town lights up with an Art Walk every Friday from 6 PM to 9 PM.

Come experience a Fun evening of local Kauai talent playing live music, and see a variety of artist offerings among the many colorful kiosks and shops.  Come early – before the Art Walk – and take the Historic Hanapepe Walking Tour. See local attractions including the Swinging Bridge and multiple points of interest along Hanapepe Road.

Kauai’s tropical nights and Hanapepe Town welcome you to an evening the whole Family will love! Get more details on the official website, here!

Photo courtesy of Kauai Fun


The Luau Kalamaku at Kilohana Plantation!

Another memorable Fun Night on Kauai happens at Luau Kalamaku at the historic Kilohana Plantation. In fact, this luau is the only theatrical luau on the Island where you’ll see Exciting fire dancers and Elegant hula dancers, while sampling delicious food under Kauai’s tropical night skies.

Choose from three great packages designed to give you and your party the most of the Luau Kalamaku adventure. Come early and explore the plantation shops, take a train ride through the plantation and Enjoy the scenery – and as the skies darken, see the luau cast take the stage “to tell the amazing story of the epic voyage between Hawaii and Tahiti, along one of the longest sea roads of Polynesia.”

This unique entertainment experience operates every Tuesday and Fridayand every Monday from June 29 to August 10!  Make the Luau Kalamaku part of your Summer Vacation on Kauai and Learn all about the Garden Island, see Exciting Performances, and Enjoy a truly special Hawaiian Experience!  

See the map on the official site – and arrive early so you can explore Kilohana Plantation before the show!

Photos courtesy of Luau Kalamaku

 Enjoy Great Nighttime Dining Experiences in Hanalei on the North Shore

All this talk of FUN is making us hungry!  And good thing there are many choices for dinner on Kauai!

Hanalei on the North Shore is a Fantastic area for watching the sunset, sipping a tropical drink, and taking memorable photos with Family and Friends. And, like so many places throughout the Garden Island, Hanalei offers tasty cuisine to suit many palates!

So, after spending your days lounging by the pool, having FUN at the beach, surfing, and hiking scenic trails – get ready for great nights of dining out!

Photo courtesy of  Gillfoto / Commons.Wikimedia 

In the mood for a relaxing dinner on the North Shore? Check out these FUN places in Hanalei:

    For a night of atmosphere and sophisticated tastes, Bar Acuda offers a diverse menu from Chef and Owner, Jim Moffat. Located at 5-5161 Kuhio Highway in Hanalei, Bar Acuda is open daily from 5:30 PM and the kitchen closes at 9:30 PM.

Have a seat at the wood bar, marvel at the artistic complexity of the kitchen, and sample some delicious food in this highly reviewed North Shore restaurant. Want a peek at the menu? Consider the Seared Hawaiian Fish, Shrimp Romesco, Grilled Beef Tenderloin – and wait till you see the desserts! Mmmmmmm!!!!  To make reservations (recommended), click here and visit the official site!

Bar Acuda Photo Courtesy of

      In the mood for local food and live music? Bring your crew to Tahiti Nui! This restaurant is featured in the George Clooney movie, The Descendants – and is well-known for being a favorite local hangout.

All of Tahiti Nui’s fish is caught in Hawaiian waters, and favorite menu items include the Oh So Ono Roll, Aunty Louise’s Tahitian Poisson Cru, and the Rib Eye Beef Poke Bowl!

Wow! Let’s go get some now!  :- D 

To see the full menu and a schedule of performances, check out the website here.
Tahiti Nui Photo courtesy of
    For your seafood cravings, including sushi, a fresh local catch, and something to take back and grill at your Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc home, The Dolphin is sure to satisfy! Since the early 1970s, The Dolphin Restaurant is a local favorite known for the freshest cuts in seafood, impeccable service, and nostalgic riverside ambiance.  

What’s on the dinner menu?  Seafood Chowder, Teriyaki Ahi, Alaskan King Crab, Hawaiian Chicken, and more!  Yumm!!!!

You’ll find the restaurant in Hanalei Dolphin Center, 5-5016 Kuhio Highway!

Dolphin Restaurant Photo courtesy of

Do you have a favorite place for dining in Hanalei? Share it with us on our Facebook wall!  

More FUN Things to See and Do This Summer on Kauai!

Come Experience Kauai’s Annual Koloa Plantation Days on the South Shore

Come join the FUN at the 30th annual Koloa Plantation Days and be part of a unique cultural event you’ll remember as one of the highlights of your magnificent Kauai Summer Vacation! This year’s theme is “The Legacy Lives On, Plantation Style… on the sunny South Shore of Kauai” and that means 10 FUN DAYS of Events that already have the whole island excited!


Koloa Plantation Days celebrates the rich history of Kauai and the diverse people who came to work on sugar plantations. Every year, we celebrate the heritage of these people from all over the world and the Hawaiians who welcomed them. In fact, the festival is held in the area where Hawaii’s first sugar plantation was founded in 1835 – and there are 10 days of live music, dance, cultural performances, and wonderful food waiting for you to Experience.

Ready to join in the FUN?  Check out these highlights of activities happening from Friday, July 17th through Sunday, July 26th:

·         The Festival kicks off on Friday, July 17th with the Plantation Days Rodeo’s Preliminary Roping at CJM Stables, starting at 11 AM

·         On Sunday, July 19th, see a variety of local musicians performing live starting at 5 PM in Old Koloa Town Courtyard

·         Ever see a Polynesian Revue & Fire Dancing performance? Now you can! – in the Courtyard at Poipu Shopping Village, Tuesday, July 21st at 7:30 PM

So many more events are part of this year’s Koloa Plantation Days, including a charity tennis tournament, a golf putting challenge, a “Talk Story” celebrating the memories of Old Koloa – and the always popular Annual Historic Koloa Plantation Days Parade starting at 10 AM on Saturday, July 25th!


Every July, the Festival brings visitors and residents together to learn about Koloa's dynamic cultural history.  Everyone is invited to come experience an assorted range of local foods, culture, and activities that celebrate the plantation’s heritage and the modern-day vitality of Kauai’s South Shore!

For more details on this year’s Events, see the Schedule on the official Koloa Planation Days website!

Photos courtesy of 

Now that you have great things to look forward to these summer nights on Kauai, let’s take a look at more FUN ways to Enjoy the Garden Island during the daytime! 

Explore with The Shops and Tastes of Kukui’ula on the South Shore

Located in Poipu on the South Shore, the Shops at Kukui’ula offer a lively shopping experience and a Fun way of spending afternoons before your big night out! Take a leisurely stroll through this plush collection of shops and eateries and Enjoy your beautiful, Kauai Summer Vacation!

In the mood for sampling some exotic Garden Island specialties too? Step into Josselin’s Tapas Bar and Grill. Dinner starts at 5 PM nightly with Salmon Opakapaka Ceviche, Organic Beet Ravioli, Poached Pork Dumpling Tapas, Makaweli Ranch Braised Short Ribs, and more!

If you feel like a more casual eating environment, check out Bubba Burgers, Savage Shrimp, and the Garden Island’s local favorite, Lappert’s Ice Cream all at located at… the Shops at Kukui’ula!

There is also a weekly Kauai Culinary Market on Wednesdays from 3:30 PM to 6 PM, where you can stroll through Kauai’s ultimate farmer’s market while live music plays and local chefs show off their culinary skills! 

Some weeks at the Culinary Market, there are even ribs to sample!

Is your mouth watering yet? To plan your day of FUN, click here and visit the official website – and see a video of the Farmer’s Market!

Food Tours on the North Shore, South Shore, and Royal Coconut Coast

Ready to sample some savory Hawaiian barbeque? How about a refreshing shave ice? All these fresh island favorites await you with three yummy culinary events happening throughout July! 

The Kauai Food Tour on the North Shore takes place July 7th from 11 AM to 3 PM – and what a treat it is!  Hosted by an experienced local guide, this tasting adventure explores the flavors of the lush North Shore, in and around Princeville.

This unique tour costs $120 per person, includes five stops, and concludes at a local farmer’s market. Designed by Marta Lane, founder of Tasting Kauai, and managed by Michelle Lemay, a professional tour guide for 10 years – this tour experience includes exotic fruit, Hawaiian food, and the opportunity to meet local farmers and food artisans!

Want more information? Check out the website here!

There is another Food Tour happening on Wednesday, July 15th from 1:15 PM to 5 PM.  This one is called the Kauai Food Tour on the South Shore and it is another opportunity to experience the sights and flavors of Hawaii’s diverse cultures.

Enjoy Japanese food, discover Kauai-style street tacos, sample tropical gelato, and meet more Kauai farmers and local artisans.

This food tour concludes at the Kauai Culinary Market in the The Shops at Kukuiula and the price is $120 per person. This tour has six stops, an experienced guide, and lots of tasty surprises in between.

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And! … if you are still hungry like us :- ) here comes another great Food Tour!  Get your “eating clothes” ready for Thursday, July 23 – from 11 AM to 4:30 PM when the Kauai Food Tour on the Royal Coconut Coast takes you across Kapaa! 

Hop in the car and follow your guide on a tasting journey through Kauai’s East Side. Enjoy a short stroll down an old plantation road, learn about taro farming, and sample Hawaiian tastings that will leave you smiling the whole afternoon! 

This outdoor event costs $120 per attendee, and you can find more details right here!

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By Day and Night - Your Spectacular Summer of Fun Continues!

See!  We told you... July is a GREAT month for vacationing on Kauai! So much is happening right NOW on the Garden Island and your Kauai Vacation Guide is ready for PRINTING and SHARING with your Friends! Come have a star-spangled 4th of July, Explore Kauai After Dark, and Enjoy the many dining options from the North Shore to the South Shore, the East Side to the West Side.  Kauai has something for Everyone – and that includes you, your Family, and your Friends!

So take a moment and close your eyes… and see yourself relaxing on the beach, snapping photos, and feeling the Island breeze while you chillax on the beach, sipping a tropical beverage!

We look forward to seeing you this summer on Kauai and if you have any questions… we welcome your calls and emails. Now, be sure to check out our website and follow us on Facebook so you can see this week’s Wiki Wiki Wednesday Specials!


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