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Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Family-Friendly Things to Do on Kauai During Vacation

From playing on Kauai’s stunning beaches to taking a chocolate tour at Lydgate Farms, prepare for a fun and memorable vacation on Hawaii’s Garden Island. There are lots of family-friendly things to do on Kauai. Take a look at a few exciting attractions that we recommend you include in your travel plans.

Family-friendly Things to Do on Kauai

Picture your family laughing together, relishing new adventures and making pleasurable new memories during your vacation to Kauai. There are a few time-tested activities on the island to help ensure your whole family has a wonderful time.

Chocolate Tour

Did you know Hawaii is the only state in the nation that can grow chocolate? Chocolate lovers will learn about the history, health benefits and more during a three-hour tour of the Lydgate Farms, formerly known as Steelgrass Farm. Indulge in the many tastings of their award-winning honey, vanilla beans, tropical fruit and, of course, chocolate.

The Lydgate family has run this well-known 46-acre orchard with more than 1,000 chocolate trees for five generations dating back to 1867. The very knowledgeable family members lead the fascinating tour and teach visitors about “Chocolate From Branch to Bar.” This includes how to taste chocolate like a connoisseur and the history of chocolate dating back to its discovery by the first Mesoamericans.

Kauai’s Best Beaches for Families

Two beaches families find welcoming, include Poipu Beach Park, and Salt Pond Beach. They have in common scenic views, calm, shallow waters, unique sea creatures and spots to explore. Additionally, lifeguards keep beachgoers safe and secure at these family-friendly beaches.

Poipu Beach Park has great facilities and ranks among the most popular on the South Shore. It provides young children with calm wading areas, while older kids and adults can treat themselves to snorkeling on the colorful coral reef.

Salt Pond Beach includes a reef and smooth rocks that make it family-friendly. Children have a great time exploring and splashing around in shallow pools. Families also have fun searching for various marine animals and shells.

Na’aina Kai Botanical Gardens

Thanks to Joyce and Ed Doty this 12-acre “retirement” home bought in 1979 has turned into a 320-acre national treasure today. It includes numerous gardens both adults and children can take pleasure in and one of the largest collections of bronze sculptures, numbering around 120 in total. Called Na’aina Kai Botantical Gardens, Sculpture Park and Hardwood Plantation, this diverse eco-system’s name means “Lands by the Sea.”

One of the many colorful gardens includes “Under the Rainbow Children’s Garden,” which opened for tours in 2005. The playful theme features a children’s wading pool and garden area. It centers around a 16-foot sculpture, “Jack and Company,” depicting the fairytale “Jack and the Beanstalk.” In addition, the area has a child-height maze designed in the shape of a gecko. A rubber tree includes a treehouse inspired by The Swiss Family Robinson. Children can also play in a tropical jungle within the garden. Many also love the hillside with tunnels and slides, as well as the unique teak tree log cabins.

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