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Monday, May 7, 2018

Canyon Trail on Kauai Offers Stunning Views of Waimea Canyon, Waipoo Falls

The Canyon Trail allows hikers to soak up the outdoor beauty found on the lush island of Kauai. Consistently ranked among the best hiking trails in Hawaii, it treats its visitors to jaw-dropping views of Waimea Canyon. About 10 miles long and more than 3,000-feet deep, famous American writer Mark Twain described what he saw as “the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” The trail rewards hikers even more by ending up at the unique two-tier Waipoo Falls, which plunges nearly 800-feet into a gorge. On your next vacation to Kauai, put this trail in Kokee State Park on your list of things you must do!

Canyon Trail on Kauai Provides Striking Views

People who visit Kauai often ask us where can they can see the world-famous Waimea Canyon from the best viewpoint. There are numerous lookouts on Highway 550 on the island’s western side if you’re wanting to stay close to your car. We invite you to experience this phenomenal canyon created by Mother Nature by hiking Canyon Trail.

The relatively easy 3.4-mile roundtrip trail offers more close up angles and views of the vast Waimea Canyon that the main overlooks simply can’t provide. Plus, it takes you right to the top of Waipoo Falls. This popular two to three-hour trek is a favorite among hikers, including families with children.

Make your way to the Puu Hinahina lookout and park there. A spur leads to the nearby trailhead. You can also park in a gravel lot near mile marker 14 on Highway 550. From the lookout there’s a nearby canopy of trees that will provide relaxing shade.

Highlights of Canyon Trail

Once you start your hike you’ll almost immediately come across Cliff Trail. Take this short tenth of a mile offshoot to see an even more stunning view. The detour, which features handrails, pays off with sweeping views of Waimea Canyon’s vibrant red, and brown layers and lush green patches. Don’t be surprised if you see some goats along the way – they like hanging out in this area too.

Back on the Canyon Trail expect to view a unique combination of both tropical and desert environments. Few trails match the diversity of this spectacular trail. It is spotted with native plants, such as the iliau with long stalks and yellow flowers, pamakani with white buds and other native plants with delicate yellow, orange and pink flowers.

You eventually emerge from the tropical forest into a clearing where you can bask in the beauty of Waimea Canyon and its steep cliffs. On a clear day you may even see the ocean in the distance.

At the end of the trail, you will find yourself on the very top of Waipoo Falls. You can walk down a short distance and safely experience the power of Waipoo’s rushing waters that split into two cascading falls. While relaxing at the waterfall, you’ll be able to take in even more one-of-a-kind canyon sights.

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