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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Packing Restrictions for a Trip to Hawaii

Hawaii possesses some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, including sprawling beaches, active volcanoes and mesmerizing trails. The need to protect the islands’ unique plants and animals have led to packing restrictions designed to preserve Hawaii’s fragile beauty. Before you travel to the Aloha State, make sure you review these regulations!

Hawaiian soil and agricultural management practices differ from those found on the mainland. These differences require travelers to take precautionary measures and abide by strict packing rules for a trip to Hawaii. In general, these restrictions cover fresh fruits and vegetables, specific types of flowers or plants, and animals.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Packing Restrictions for a Trip to Hawaii

Hawaiian Department of Agriculture agents must inspect all plant material when you arrive and depart the island. All fresh fruit and vegetables must be declared on a form, which is collected by flight attendants who then present it to the Agricultural Inspection counter. To protect the unique aspects of Hawaii, material must be free of soil, insects, pests and any signs of disease.

The island’s ecology maintains a delicate balance, and the introduction of a new pest or disease could be devastating. To prevent this, many plants and plant materials are restricted in the packing rules for a trip to Hawaii. Some examples include pineapples, radishes, turnips, coconuts, several plants in the grass family and coffee trees.

Animal Restrictions

Thanks to its strict rules, Hawaii is the only state that is rabies-free. The islands’ quarantine laws work to protect the citizens and their pets from serious health problems. Owners who want to bring their dogs and cats to the island, regardless of the animal’s age or purpose, must comply with the state’s regulations.

The law states that dogs and cats must meet specific pre- and post-arrival qualifications and usually spend up to five days in quarantine. However, visitors are encouraged to read the specific qualifications carefully, as dogs and cats could be placed in quarantine for as many as 120 days. So, make sure you understand the requirements and prepare those furry family members for the trip, too!

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