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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Our Fall 2015 Kauai Vacation Planning Guide – Part 1

Our Fall 2015 Kauai Vacation Planning Guide – Part

This morning we were looking through our Blogger site at all the great Feature stories we have shared with our guests. So many Fun stories about all the great things you could be doing if you were on Kauai right now, based on the things you like to do, and the many choices you can make to maximize your vacation in paradise.

Think about that for a moment. Do you Love the water? On Kauai, you can fish, swim, kayak, snuba, snorkel, splash and swim all day long, every day – and the next day you can wake up and do something completely different! We know some of our guests just want to get away and Chillax – that glorious feeling of chillin’ in paradise combined with the amazing feeling of relaxing while being pampered with massages, mani-pedis, and reading a great book by the pool.

So this month we are excited to share our Top 10 Tips for Chillaxing on Kauai, starting with a day at the spa. Which spa? Well that’s the fun part. :- ) Today’s tour begins with a look at some of Kauai’s most adored relaxation and rejuvenation spots so you can decide where to begin. Then, when you realize – “Hey! I should be doing that!” … look for our Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc Featured Properties at the bottom of this story. We have many great accommodations you can call home, and all you have to do is pick up the phone and tell us when you want to arrive. Yes, it is that easy :- )

When you finish reading, close your eyes and imagine yourself chillaxing on your North Shore lanai overlooking a tropical garden. See yourself admiring the ocean view from your South Shore home. Hear the ocean call you from a distance at your East Side Royal Coconut Coast retreat. And count the stars in the nighttime sky while you release all your thoughts and settle into tranquil paradise.

Your well deserved vacation is just a few clicks away and right now, you can choose your vacation home on your computer, iPad, and even your mobile phone!  So, are you ready for vacation? Let’s jump right into our Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc Vacation Planning Guide for Fall 2015


The Ultimate Spa Guide On Kauai – Get Ready for Rest, Relaxation and Rejuvenation!

Take a moment and let go of all your distractions, and really let your mind be still. Now, imagine yourself lying on a comfortable bed having a gentle scalp massage. The smell of fresh flowers and tropical scented candles filling the air with an ocean breeze gently kissing your cheek. Your day of calmness and tranquility awaits you and the first stop on our Kauai Spa Tour: the Anara Spa.

Relax and Let Go at the Anara Spa on the South Shore

Located in Poipu on the South Shore, Anara Spa uses traditional Hawaiian healing customs to inspire “Lokahi,” which translates as “unity, harmony and balance.”

Anara Spa is 45,000 square feet complete with a state-of-the-art gym, areas for open-air yoga and fitness classes, and plenty of massage, body treatment, and facial options. And each treatment room opens to a unique tropical garden.

Tip Number 1: Try a Kauai Clay Treatment, which uses local roots, oils, and warm stones. Tip Number 2: The Organic Lilikoi Massage uses locally grown passion fruit to hydrate your skin and elevate your spirit. And, if you want to spend the entire day, consider
Tip Number 3: The Lokahi, which is a full day of baths, massages, foot scrubs and scalp massages – complete with lunch! Options are also available for couples.

The best news… The Anara Spa at the Grand Hyatt is close to all Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc accommodations on the South Shore. So, are you ready for a day of pampering at the Anara? We are! Click here to make a reservation and we will see you there!

Rejuvenate on the North Shore at Halele’a Spa

For another tremendous spa experience in a truly unique environment, spend the day at Halele’a Spa at the St. Regis Hotel. Take a look at the photo below and consider: how amazing would it be to awaken on Kauai in your own private home, sip your Kauai coffee while admiring the ocean, and then head to Halele’a in the afternoon? I think we can all agree the answer to that question is “it would be SO amazing, sign me up!” :- )  (Really, sign us up!)

Here comes your ultimate chillax day filled with a pampering spa treatment, a mani-pedi, followed by a wonderful massage. Are you ready? The Halele’a has you covered! You can even book a couples massage in their plush facility and be immersed in the tropical scents of local fruits and flora.

Tip Number 4: Halele’a Spa also has outdoors services available where you can Enjoy a poolside massage and indulge in the splendor of an Oceanside Cabana. The spa also has yoga, Pilates, and personal training services available. There are meditation and wellness retreats you can book, too.

Sounds like an awesome time, yeah? And just think… we are just getting started!

Spend a Day of Relaxation at The Hanalei Day Spa on the North Shore

Up the road from Princeville on the North Shore is Hanalei Bay where you can Explore and Discover one of the best-reviewed spas on the Garden Island: Hanalei Day Spa.

In business since 2003, the Hanalei Day Spa has plenty of options for you to choose and tailor your ideal spa experience. Start with a relaxing beach-side massage with therapeutic deep tissue relief, while breathing in wonderful aromatherapy. Hanalei Day Spa also has Kauai Couples Massage for guests celebrating their honeymoon and anniversary, and for Friends who want to be treated like Hawaiian Royalty with a Royal Couple Massage.

Tip Number 5: The 110-minute beach-side Hawaiian Lomi Massage uses organic coconut oil, deep conditioning treatments for hair and scalp, and lots of magical tension relief. Be sure to visit the boutique for products you can take home. 

With a gorgeous atmosphere on the North Shore and an experienced staff of professionals, this boutique day spa is waiting for your appointment! Ready to chillax? Click here for more information.

Make Your Day “Easy on the East Side” at Spa Makaiwa  

The Royal Coconut Coast has white sand beaches, great ocean view condos, and the Ke Ala Hele Makalae (the Path that Goes by the Coast) where you can ride bikes, skateboards, and take a refreshing walk along the Pacific Ocean. And before you step outside for a relaxing day on the beach, make an appointment at Spa Makaiwa, located at the Kauai Coast Resort across the lobby from the Hukilau Lanai Restaurant.

Open daily, locally owned and operated, The Spa Makaiwa’s highly-trained therapists offer massages, facials, and treatments customized especially for you. In addition to massage services, Makaiwa also has acupuncture, body treatments, and waxing.

The Spa’s menu has a host of options, many of which combine a specific treatment with an hour massage and an hour facial, too. Tip Number 6: The Polihale Glow combines a Hawaiian Sea Salt Glow with a 60-minute massage and then a 60-minute facial. Tip Number 7: There are also packages with hot stones, raindrop therapy, and rainforest body wrap.

Wow! Can you see yourself having the most relaxing time you have had in a long time, here on Kauai?  We can!  And whatever you are in the mood for, the Spa Makaiwa has got a package that helps you maximize your visit on the Garden Island. 

Photo: Spa Makaiwa

Your Relaxing Vacation in Paradise Has More for You!

Now that we have explored some of the world-famous Spas available for you on Kauai, let’s take a look at more ways to relax and explore the peace and tranquility of Garden Island!

Learn More About Kauai Culture and History at The Kauai Museum

Founded in 1960, The Kauai Museum is located in the heart of Lihue. Now celebrating their 55th year, the Museum staff is proud to live the spirit of “Aloha” starting with the way they welcome guests all the way through the way they present informative tours and exhibits. The Museum is a welcoming space that displays the rich cultural history of Kauai, with plenty of opportunities for guests to learn and participate in Hawaiian activities. Come see the exhibits and stay for “Talk Story,” live concerts, and Hawaiian craft-making demonstrations.

Guided tours are FREE with paid admission ($10 for general admission, $8 for seniors) and The Museum is open daily from 10 AM to 5 PM (except Sunday).  

Are you ready to spend an afternoon learning about the history of the Garden Island? Come see The Kauai Museum’s unique exhibits, Enjoy their special events, and take a Hula class! We look forward to seeing you there!

Image: Kauai Museum

Experience the Calm Feeling of Nature on the Mahaulepu Coastal Trail

There are numerous walking trails on Kauai, which is part of what makes exploring Kauai so much FUN! Some are very easy to walk while others can be formidable even for experienced hikers. Whatever you skill level, they all provide a scenic, peaceful experience for you to Enjoy. Just remember to always hike with a buddy, tell your Friends where you are going, and take lots of water with you. Kauai’s outdoor parks are Fun and always remember: Safety First!

Image courtesy of

One of the most tranquil and accessible trails on Kauai is the Mahaulepu Coastal Trail, known for its unique location on the last stretch of undeveloped coastline on the South Shore. In fact, local organizations strive to keep this space undeveloped to preserve its natural beauty for generations to come.

From a starting point near Poipu at Shipwreck Beach (Keoneloa Bay), take a walk along Mahaulepu Coastal Trail and immerse yourself in the beautiful terrain. Keep an eye out for sea turtles and other marine life visible in the path’s rocky inlets. The trail is two miles each way with a lovely beach where you can take a “time out” at the end! Tip Number 9: Learn more about the Mahaulepu Coastal Trail, including maps, right here.

Center Yourself in Paradise

Kauai has many places where you can rejuvenate your spirit in unique and peaceful settings. One of these is the Hindu Monastery called Himalayan Academy. Hindu monks live at this authentic, South Indian Monastery located on the East Side in Kapaa.  Tip Number 10: Check out the website and learn about the Academy here.

There is also the Himalayan Academy is the Kauai Dharma Center, a Buddhist Temple also located in Kapaa. The Center’s goal is to help visitors find emotional balance and inner peace. They embrace the daily practice of Dharma rituals and meditations, while recognizing all spiritual paths are valuable. Learn more about the Center here.

Another great way to refresh your mind is doing sunrise yoga! Awaken to legendary, breathtaking sunrises with Kauai Yoga on the Beach every Monday through Wednesday and Friday at 6 AM. Classes are $20 and include a yoga mat. You can also take an afternoon class in other areas on the island, and you can see the class schedule and get more information here.


Photos courtesy of Himalayan Academy, Kauai Dharma Center, and Kauai Yoga on the Beach

Things to See and Do on Kauai in the Next Few Weeks!

After a relaxing spa visit and a few days of resting at home, you might be ready to venture out and see what everyone else is doing on Kauai. The answer:  Everyone is having a GREAT TIME exploring the Garden Island while laughing, exercising, and hearing great music. We invite you to take a look at all of our Blogs so you can learn more about the many ways you can create your own Kauai adventure. Plus, in the next few weeks, there are more great activities awaiting you. So take a look below and then preview the Featured properties we told you about. Then give us a call and come join the Fun!

Enjoy the Princeville Artisan Fair and Concert in the Park

On Sunday, September 13th from 1 PM to 6 PM, come Enjoy a day of local arts and performances on the North Shore at the Princeville Artisan Fair and Concert in the Park. Browse handmade items for sale by local artisans including wood products, ceramics, photography, and authentic fabrics and clothing made with local flavor by Kauai’s own artists.
Come for the arts and crafts, and the scrumptious local food – then stay for the FREE concert! This is a Family-friendly event and you can get more information here.
Photo: Kauai Festivals

Experience Kauai Culture at the Mokihana Festival!

Ready for a taste of Kauai culture and customs? Come on out for the week-long Mokihana Festival that kicks off with a Hawaiian church service at the Kapaa First Hawaiian Church on Sunday, September, 20th, 2015 at 10 AM.

Then throughout the following week, experience a variety of performances taking place at venues all over the island. Come see the Composer’s Contest and Concert at the Waimea Theater on Monday, September 21st at 7 PM. On Thursday, September 24th, come see the Solo and Group Kahiko Nei Hula Competition at the Kauai Beach Resort at 6 PM. Additional Hula competitions take place in the same location on Friday and Saturday the same week.

This Festival has it all! Hear authentic Hawaiian music, see the beauty of Hula dancing, and Enjoy the Children & Youth Music competition.

With multiple events taking place during the week of Sunday, September 20th through Saturday, September 26, 2015, you have plenty of opportunities to see a variety of performances! For a flavor of this year’s festival, have a look at the video below:

If you want to attend more than one event at the Mokihana Festival, click here and learn about the Mokihana Pass. For $75, you receive a transferrable pass to all events at the Festival. Sound FUN? We will see you there! 

Join the Fun at the 17th Annual Kauai Powwow in Paradise at Kapaa Beach Park!

Come out to Kapaa Beach Park from Friday, September 25th to Sunday, September 27th for the annual Powwow event co-sponsored by the Hawaii Tourism Authority, The County of Kauai, and The Beauty of the Four Directions Native American Church of Kauai.

The Powwow in Paradise is a FREE, Family-friendly event that promotes Native American cultural awareness. This year’s event features organic Native American food booths, hand-made arts and crafts, and special dance performances!

One of the highlights of this annual event is the Drum competition – and this year see performances by The Wildhorse Singers from Los Angeles and the 808DNZ from Oahu. Come for the drums, the dancing, and the food – a true Native American cultural experience awaits you! For more information, click here!
Photo: Kauai Festivals

Next Month We Celebrate Kauai’s Wonderful Golf Courses! 

When we think about all our Friends who visited Kauai this year AND chose Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc to assist them in creating an amazing, Fun-filled vacation… our spirits soar with Joy and Happiness. We started our company over 37 years ago with the mission of sharing Kauai with guests from all around the world – and we look forward to the next 37 years as well.  :- )

Fall and winter holidays are just around the corner and next month we are sharing information about Kauai’s wonderful golf courses. We will also share more great ideas for having a fabulous vacation here on the Garden Island. We also invite you to check out our website and browse for an accommodation you can call home. Just let us know when you are arriving and we will have the keys ready. 

Thanks for visiting us today!  See you here on the Garden Island!


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