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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our 2015 Kauai Vacation Guide – This Summer’s Kauai Celebrations

Our 2015 Kauai Vacation Guide – This Summer’s Kauai Celebrations 

Aloha and welcome back! It is another beautiful day on the Garden Island and today’s drive to the office inspired us to remind you: every day on Kauai beholds an adventure waiting to be discovered! From the East Side to the West Side and the North Shore to the South Shore, summer is here and guests from around the world are having amazing days playing on the sand, swimming in crystal blue water, snorkeling, hiking, laughing, and Relaxing!  Yes, RELAXING!  We said it twice so we can all take a moment and remember what it feels like to take a break, clear your mind, unwind and let go!

And… in the spirit of assisting our guests in creating a vacation they will always remember, Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc is excited to present the next edition of our 2015 Kauai Vacation Guide!  It includes news of more GREAT events happening over the next few weeks and months and as you read, keep this in mind:  Kauai is a short plane ride from all west coast airports, and when you get here… you can stay with us! 

We have 200+ accommodations that you can browse 24 hours a day on our website! Spacious homes, country cottages, and golf course condos you can call your own – here in paradise.

Your next vacation starts with a declaration of “Kauai here I come!” and when you call us at 808-245-8841, we can begin confirming your arrival dates!  :- )  Now… let’s jump right into our Feature story with a tribute to King Kamehameha and our upcoming parade celebration honoring one of Hawaii’s most important leaders!

Kamehameha the Great

Long before Hawaii became the 50th state, King Kamehameha united and governed the Hawaiian Islands, creating the Kingdom of Kauai in 1810. According to story, in the year of his birth in 1758, Halley’s Comet made an appearance over the Hawaiian skies (1).

Another great story about our King is cited in Wikipedia, where legend has it… the man who moved the Naha Stone would be the one to unite the islands. Many tried and failed to get the stone to move from its original spot. However, Kamehameha not only moved it, he turned it over!

King Kamehameha ruled Hawaii during a time of great cultural change. He is credited for preserving Hawaii’s independence from foreign colonial powers, maintaining a period of peace, and unifying the legal system. The King also used taxes to promote trade with Americans and Europeans, long before Hawaii became part of the United States. 

(1) Aloha Hawaii, (2) Image: Wikipedia

On December 22, 1871, Kamehameha the 5th pronounced June 11th King Kamehameha Day and every year since it is a state holiday. This year, Kauai celebrates our King with a Parade and Celebration that begins at 9 AM, Saturday, June 13, 2015

This year’s theme is Hue Ia Ka Wai I Ka Paa (Drawing Water from the Rock) and the parade route starts at Vidinha Stadium and continues to the County Historical Building on Rice Street . Come see the fabulous floral parade, full Pau units, walking & riding units, and more!  

The celebration continues after the parade with a Ho`olaule`a (Hawaiian Celebration and Arts & Crafts Fair). Attendees get to explore great shopping, local souvenirs, food booths, cultural displays, hula, live entertainment, and music the whole family can Enjoy!

The King Kamehameha Day Parade is one the summer’s most memorable events – and the best part is, it’s FREE!  Come on out and join the great time!  More information is available here!


The Fun Continues with Family Time at the Beach!

Exploring the natural habitat of underwater marine life while snorkeling at Lydgate Beach Park is an exciting way to explore Kauai! Feel like catching some waves?  Spend the day surfing Hanalei Bay! Wanna chillax? Plant your feet in the sand and put a tropical drink in your hand at Poipu Beach Park. Are you ready for a great day at the beach? 

Just remember these important safety guidelines: always Enjoy beaches where lifeguards are present, always keep an eye open for the safety of your fellow beachgoers and nearby children, and always wear plenty of sunscreen!  For more great tips, check out the list of things you’ll “definitely want to bring along with you,” courtesy of our Friends at


Now, let’s have a closer look at three exciting, uniquely Kauai beaches, located in three different and amazing areas on the Garden Island!

Image: Tripadvisor, Hanalei Bay

Poipu Beach Park

Take a look at the photo below and ask yourself: are you ready to kick back, chillax, and let yourself unwind in paradise?


Poipu Beach Park is wonderful South Shore recreation area with superb facilities, a protected area for swimming and snorkeling, and a lagoon area with one foot of water where you can play with (and keep an eye on) children!

For experienced surfers, Poipu Beach has legendary breaks and just wait till you feel the tropical breeze blowing through your hair.  Add Friends to the mix and voila!  You have created an amazing day of sun, FUN, laughs, and great times on Kauai. 

Spend the day, the afternoon, have a picnic, and make sand castles. This is your vacation and your Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc  accommodation is close by.  What an awesome day! 

Want to know more about Poipu Beach Park?  Check out this link to Kauai Explorer!


Lydgate Beach Park

How amazing it is… feeling crystal blue water splashing around your feet feel on a beautiful summer day. And how astonishing is the sight of colorful fishes swimming all around you while snorkeling on a tropical island! And one of our favorites: when is the last time you flew a kite in a grassy field within eyesight of a picnic basket and blanket?! Well, let’s have all these experiences on Kauai this summer!


Lydgate Beach Park is the first major beach along the Royal Coconut Coast, located south of the Wailua River on Kauai’s East Side.

Lydgate is extremely popular with families. It has a large double-sectioned salt-water pool formed by a lava rock wall in the ocean. A smaller pool is a favorite area for children, and the larger pool is ideal for swimming and snorkeling.  

Check out this cool satellite phot of Lydgate Beach Park, courtesy of Google Earth!

Kids love the adjacent Kamalani Playground, located in the north end of Lydgate Park. Built by 7,000 Volunteers in 1994, the site has a volcano slide, the Kamalani Kai Bridge, lots of artwork with ocean-theme ceramics, and Hawaiian woodcarvings. There is even a Japanese garden playground area with a labyrinth!


Lydgate Beach Park is great location for having Fun outdoors. It is also a connecting point to Wailua Beach Park via “Ke Ala Hele Makalae” (the path that goes by the coast). This 8-mile, multi-purpose path is ideal for walking, jogging, bike riding, and admiring Kauai’s Royal Coconut Coast!   

Lydgate Beach Park is one of the most popular beaches on Kauai because it has something FUN for everyone! Swimmers, picnickers, campers, fishermen, surfers, windsurfers, divers and beachcombers all have a great time!

For more information about this adventuresome playground, click here!


North Shore Surfing at Hanalei Bay

Are you in the mood to put your feet in the sand and relax among scenic mountains?  Are you an experienced surfer, looking for the ultimate wave? Wondering where you can have an energizing day of paddle boarding?  All these FUN activities are possible in Hanalei Bay! 


Hanalei is an important part of Kauai’s history. The shore is formed by a two-mile, half-moon crescent-shaped bay with beautiful sand.Just inland, you can see Hanalei Bay’s wetlands where ancient Hawaiians grew taro (a root vegetable). Rice was the crop of choice by the 1860s, which was shipped to Honolulu and part of Hawaii’s second largest crop export. The Hanalei Pier was built to help Hanalei farmers move their crops to market. (3)

Spending the day in Hanalei is Fun, Relaxing, and there is always something Exciting for families to Enjoy. Grab snacks in town, find great snorkeling and swimming supplies, have an awesome shave ice, and Explore the many fun restaurants. 

Want to see what others visitors think of Hanalei Bay? Check out the details provided by Kauai Explorer!

 Things to See And Do!

The Fun continues on Kauai with more things to see and do over the next few weeks!  Be sure to print this page and Share with your Friends. They’ll be sure to say:  Take me with you!  :- )

Summer 2015 Bon Dance Festivals

Every weekend in June, come and be part of Kauai’s Bon Festivals! The traditional summer Japanese celebrations have rich and distinctive music, live performances, singing, and taiko (drums) for everyone to discover.

The “Bon season” is an important expression of traditions and Japanese folk culture that has evolved in Hawaii for over five generations. Come see dancers dressed in traditional kimonos, called “yukatas” and experience Japanese fold dancing around a “yagura,” (a raised platform). There is also food, game booths for keiki (children), and cultural exhibits that share ancient traditions with visitors and residents.

On June 5th and 6th, events take place at Waimea Shingon Mission.  On June 12th and 13th, events take place at Kapaa Jodo Mission.  On June 19th and 20th, events happen at West Kauai Hongwanji in Waimea. And on June 26th and 27th, events take place at Kapaa Hongwanji Mission.

Come join the Fun and learn more here!


The Kauai Museum Brings a New Vibration to Kauai with a Puerto Rican Music & Dance Festival

The first-ever Puerto Rican Festival is coming to the Kauai Museum in Lihue from 10:30 AM to 2 AM, on Saturday, June 6, 2015. The Museum Courtyard is where you’ll find Kachi Kachi music, dancing, and delicious Puerto Rican cuisine.

The ever-popular band, Wally Rita Y Los Kauaianos, is bringing their rhythmic music to the Garden Island for an energizing day filled with the flavor of Puerto Rico!

Come join the Fun! Learn more about the inaugural event, here! 

Haena to Hanalei Eight Mile Run/Walk, 5K Run and One Mile Youth Run


For guests who LOVE exercising while on vacation, here’s the opportunity to be part of the Haena to Hanalei Eight Mile Run/Walk, 5K Run and 1 Mile Youth Run.   

Considered one of the world's most beautiful courses, the Run/Walk takes place on Saturday, June 6 from 6 AM to 12 noon.  The course crisscrosses Kauai’s scenic stretches of road and one-lane bridges from Hanena on the breathtaking North Shore towards Hanalei. 

A pancake breakfast follows the run at the Hanalei Canoe Club clubhouse near the pier.  Late registration is accepted the morning of the race – and early birds can sign up here!!

Have a great time! 


The 2015 King Kamehameha Celebration

Join the Fun at this year’s Annual Parade and Ho’olauele’a on Rice Street and the County Historical Building!

Be part of the outdoor parade, and experience the Fun of Crafts, Food Booths, Cultural Displays, Hula, Live Entertainment, and Live Music!  9AM to 2PM on Saturday, June 13th!   More details above – and look for updates on our Facebook page!


Colors for Cancer Fun Run/Walk


This year’s Colors for Cancer Fun Run/Walk is happening Saturday, June 27th around Vidinha Park Soccer Field.  

What makes this experience unique? First, it is a fundraising event for The American Cancer Society. And second, they call it “Color” because of the different colored powders thrown onto participants as they run by! 

The Fun Run/Walk is a great way of spending time outdoors and supporting a great cause. Every person who enters the race is doing their part to bring awareness and raise money and when you cheer them on, your support fuels their excitement!

Grab amazing photos with your fellow powder-drenched pals and come on down! For more information, click here!

Image:  Heidi, Colorful Run

Kauai All Girls Rodeo Performance

The next performance by the Kauai All Girls Rodeo Squad happens Sunday, June 28 from 9:00AM to 2:00PM at the CJM Country Stables

In 1999, eleven women had a vision of promoting rodeo on Kauai for female athletes, and keeping the ranching and western heritage alive. The group now has over 40 members from grade-schoolers to grandmothers, and many of the cowgirls are descendants of Kauai's first "paniolos" (Hawaiian Cowboys) who are proud to carry forward their family's ranching traditions.

2015 marks the All Girls Rodeo’s 16th year and you’re invited to come on down to CJM Stables and join the cowgirl FUN!  Admission is FREE and more information about the Rodeo is available here!


Summer Is Here and We Have Your 2015 Kauai Summer Guide for FUN!

What a great time to come and Enjoy Kauai!  An afternoon on the beach listening to waves and feeling the sand between your toes is just one of the many ways your vacation unfolds on the Garden Island – and you are invited to come be part of all the FUN!

Just think… in a number of days you can be here exploring scenic trails, participating in unique cultural experiences, and Relaxing on the beach with your Family and your Friends.

With more than 37+ years of being in business here on Kauai, we are ready to help you have a memorable vacation! And remember, you are just a few clicks away from getting your vacation plans confirmed! :- )

We look forward to your arrival and stay with us – this year, and every year. 



In Our Next Feature Story: Things to Do After Dark!

In our next Feature, we’ll share more info about the upcoming Fourth of July Fireworks celebrations, Hanapepe Art Walk, great dining, live entertainment, and more great ways of spending time on the water! 

Have a great day!  


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