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Friday, March 13, 2015

Your 2015 Kauai Vacation Guide Starts Now!

Your 2015 Kauai Vacation Guide Starts Now!

One of the great things about answering guest phone calls here at Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc – is hearing the excitement in their voices when they have decided: Kauai, here I come!  We know how thankful everyone is when they take time off for a holiday, and assisting them in planning their vacation is always Fun for us!

We love hearing about the things guests plan to do and when they need a few ideas on “how to maximize” the Fun, we are always happy to share great ideas!  This year we are celebrating our 37th year in business here on Kauai and yes, we know how to help you have a good time here on the Garden Island!

That’s why, today… we are happy to share with you 5 Things Everyone Loves About Vacations to help you get excited about your upcoming getaway! Things like:

1.) Staying in a great location with lots of things to see and do… 
2.) Relaxing in a beautiful and comfortable home, cottage, condo and/or estate accommodation… 
3.) Doing FUN activities for kids, adults, and grandparents!
4.) Planning “extra room” for Friends who want to come along with you…
5.) And saving plenty of time for relaxation!
With this in mind, we are kicking off our 2015 Kauai Vacation Planning Guide! Yes, all these great things are possible here on Kauai and we are ready to help you get your next holiday confirmed – and that begins with just a few clicks of your mouse and a few gestures with your touchscreen!

And what a great time to visit as we celebrate the birth date and Festival of Prince Kuhio, Hawaii’s first native Hawaiian Prince to become the first and only Hawaiian royal to be elected as a delegate to the United States Congress!
So while you read… think about this: when was the last time YOU took a vacation? Now keep that in mind while you read about all the great things waiting for you on Kauai.  And remember: we are waiting for your calls and emails saying: “here I come!”   :- )


Celebrating Prince Kuhio  

Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalanianaʻole Piʻikoi was born on March 26, 1871, to the reigning House of Kalākaua. Known for his ever present smile and the twinkle in his eye, he was affectionately known as “Prince Cupid.” – a nickname he retained throughout his life.

According to Wikipedia, Kūhiō was elected delegate to the U.S. Congress in a landslide victory. He served from March 4, 1903 until his death, winning a total of ten elections. During this time, he instituted local government at the county level creating the county system still used today throughout Hawaii.

Prince Kūhiō died on January 7, 1922 and was interred near his royal family at the Royal Mausoleum, known as Mauna ʻAla in Nuʻuanu on the island of Oʻahu. Prince Kūhiō Day, every March 26th, is a state holiday that honors his birth – and all of Kauai celebrates his memory with 2 weeks of activities, and you’re invited to join the FUN.
Photo: Wikipedia


Great Things to Do: Prince Kuhio Days… Fun for the Whole Family!

The organizers of the 2015 Prince Kuhio Days Celebration have put together two GREAT weeks of activities starting with the Prince Kuhio Commemorative Ceremonies with the Royal Order of Kamehameha at 10 AM, March 21st, at Prince Kuhio Park on Lawai Road. 

The official site invites you to “observe the protocol of honoring Prince Kuhio's birthday with ho`okupu (gifts), hula (dance), and oli (chant). Ceremonies, song and dance reflect Native Hawaiian traditional cultural practices. Open to the public with some tent seating and lawn seating.” 
Be sure to bring sunscreen and a hat! : - )

Then on Sunday, March 22nd, come watch Kauai’s youth participate in the Prince Kuhio Rodeo at CJM Stables, from 9 AM to 4 PM. There is barrel racing, pole bending, goat racing; and plenty of horseback riding, an important part of Kauai culture.

This event is FREE and still, there are so many more great events for you to Enjoy! We will share a lot of them on our Facebook page and Twitter feed, so keep an eye out for those – and, if you want to jump right in you can see a detailed list of activities, here!

Location, Location, Location! Enjoy Staying on the East Side of Kauai!

There are many more FUN things to do on Kauai this year. In February, our Feature story talked about the many ways of planning a Romantic Getaway – and we also explored the North Shore. This month, we are continuing our island tour by exploring the East Side!  Often called the Royal Coconut Coast, the East Side has beautiful homes and condos with ocean views that are ready for your arrival. Let us show you a couple of locations you can confirm right now on our website:

Kealia Landing House sits on a bluff overlooking wide, sandy Kealia Beach with unforgettable panoramic views of Kauai's east coast. This picturesque view extends ten miles to the Hoary Mountain range and from this wonderful cul-de-sac in an historic mill community, recreational possibilities abound!

Walk down the path to a breakwater-protected section of the beach and stroll through secluded beaches “for miles” on Kauai’s newly paved 'Emerald Lei' pedestrian/bike path, right below the house. Two miles on the path in the other direction leads you right into Old Kapaa Town which, according to Forbes Magazine, is one of the 15 Prettiest Towns in America.

WOW!  You ready for floor-to-ceiling windows, ten-foot-high Honduras mahogany ceilings, and warm-stained concrete floors? They are just a few of the features this modern-elegant and very private home waiting for you – plus, it is perfectly designed and furnished for three couples! There is a separate den with great views of the Pacific (also doubles as an office) and the incredible Hawaiian library houses many books about Kauai and its history! Are you Excited? (We know your Friends will be… if you invite them to join you!)
Kauai Beach Villas H-4 is another great place waiting for you! This lovely, two-bedroom oceanfront condominium is located on the second floor – and it helps fill your days and evenings with awesome ocean views. It is spacious and attractively furnished to provide all the comforts of home!

Enjoy tropical breezes and a beautiful garden vista from one of two private lanais with a view that extends for miles! Plus, your spectacular white sandy beach is just a few steps away.  What a great location for watching the sun rise!

Take leisurely walks along the coast and take time to just relax on the beach with eternally peaceful moments. Within the Kauai Beach Villas resort, you can lounge by the swimming pool, luxuriate in the jet spa, and play tennis on one of four courts. A short distance away, golfers can meet the challenge at oceanfront Wailua Golf Course. There are many activities offered nearby (seasonal swimming, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, hiking, sightseeing, shopping) – and spending the day touring the Garden Island's gorgeous sights is a great way of taking a break from all the activities back home.

You ready to come to Kauai?  Great!  Let’s now take a look at some historic sites, sight-seeing locations, and some of Kauai’s beautiful beaches! 

Sightseeing: View an Ancient Fishpond

Built nearly 1,000 years ago, the Alekoko Menehune Fishpond is a great place to experience ancient Kauai history! Located just minutes from Lihue, this pond shows ancient technology that was created to catch fish.

Alekoko Menehune Fishpond is believed to have been built by mythical Menehune, an ancient race of Kauaians who were very small, very skilled, and had supernatural strength. According to story, the pond was built in one night!

This cool feat of ancient engineering is near the Huleia National Wildlife Refuge and can be seen from an overlook on Hulemalu Road.
Photo: CC/flickr: abnormalcy                                

View the Sleeping Giant

Located between Wailua and Kapaa, the Nounou Mountain Range has a nickname: “Sleeping Giant.” Look at the photo above, shared by GoHawaii. Do you see it? The range looks like a giant lying down to take a nap.

According to legend, a giant was fooled into eating rocks and afterwards took a nap from which he never awoke.
When you get to Kauai, be sure to keep your eyes open for this majestic view. Our athletic guests can also hike along the mountain on Nounou Trail. The views are breathtaking and are worth the two-mile hike – and ALWAYS remember to tell your travel mates where you are going, when you plan to return – and bring plenty of water, sunscreen, and snacks for when you get hungry!

Spend Some Quality Time on the Beach

By now, we can tell the East Side is full of FUN and EXCITING things to do – and when it comes to the beaches, there are plenty of options!

Kauai Beach Scoop has some great descriptions of Anahola Beach Park and Kealia Beach. Plus, Lydgate Park is GREAT for families and first-time snorkelers! So if your idea of “beach time” is playing in the water, building sand castles, exploring sea life under the ocean surface, or riding the waves on the North Shore, Kauai’s beaches have limitless possibilities.

And to remind you: always be safe when swimming, tell your Friends and Family where you are going, only swim at beaches where lifeguards are on duty, and always wear lots of sunscreen! : -)

Now, imagine yourself HERE (below) on Kealia Beach, relaxing along Kauai’s Royal Coconut Coast!

 Image:  Wikipedia CC

Yes, There is PLENTY of Room for your Friends!

Friends make GREAT companions on vacation! They add more Fun when it comes to sharing laughs, admiring the views, and making special moments with the people who are closest to you. In fact, when you let them know you are coming to Kauai, watch how their faces get excited for you.  Then, when you invite them to come along, watch how that look of amazement grows stronger!

Many of our accommodations work great for couples traveling together. If you have any special questions, give us a call and we will assist you in finding a GREAT vacation residence close to all the things you love to do. : -)

Now, Let’s Put Your 2015 Travel Guide to Work!

2015 is in full swing.  Remember those resolutions you made on New Year’s Eve? Your commitment to self, Family, and Relaxation? Now is a great time to keep making all these things come true!

On your next break and after the kids are tucked in, and just before you power off the computer for the day… come visit our website and let us help you start planning your next vacation!  Good thing for all of us, the Internet is open 24/7!

Now… stop day dreaming and let’s get you ready for Kauai! Below, we are sharing a couple more Featured Properties AND all our Friends know we share Wiki Wiki Wednesday Specials every week on Facebook and Twitter, where we post AMAZING accommodations that are Fun, accessible, and waiting for you! 

More Things to See and Do in the Coming Weeks! 

Come Catch the Play Matilda’s Waltz

The Kauai Community Players are putting on the play, Matilda’s Waltz, on March 13th, 14th and 15th. The play is about the millions of armed service men who waited in Hawaii before being shipped off to World War II.  The play also explores a local family, the Whitney Family, and their struggles during this time.

Tickets are $20 and can be purchased here!

Prince Kuhio Artisan Fair

Come Explore and pick up an authentic Kauai souvenir at Poipu Beach Park in Poipu. Celebrate Prince Kuhio Days by visiting the Garden Isle Artisan Fair, from 9 AM to 3 PM!

Forty different Kauai artisans are showcasing their amazing work… come get something to help you always remember your time on Kauai!

Check out the Kauai Orchid and Art Festival

The 9th annual Kauai Orchid and Art Festival is happening in Historic Hanapepe Town, March 27th and 28th.  Enjoy GREAT food and a FREE CONCERT while admiring plenty of unique and beautiful orchids.

The event takes place at Hanapepe Hawaiian Congregational Church and more info is available here

More Fun at Prince Kuhio Days!

Join the celebration March 21st  through March 29th  and celebrate Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole's birthday! Many events are free of charge and below, we have a video that will help you get you excited!


We know 2015 is the year for YOU to be on Kauai – and NOW is the time to treat yourself. So let’s start the fun!