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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Feel the Love of Kauai

Can you feel it? That special tingle in your smile that quickens your pulse and adds a little pep to your step? It can likely mean one thing… February is here and Love is in the air!  Lucky for us, Kauai is one of cupid’s favorite islands and an ideal place to have a romantic getaway! 

You see… here on Kauai, every breathtaking sunset, every fresh sea breeze, every special moonlit stroll on the beach (sigh), and every laugh is a memory waiting for you to Enjoy. Romance is abundant on the Garden Island and thankfully, Lihue Airport is a short plane ride away from all west coast airports. So open your eyes, open your spirit, and Feel the Love of Kauai! Every moment is a great time to say “I love you” and a Kauai vacation is another great way of saying it!  

Our Kauai Vacation Guide to Romance 

We sometimes get giddy when we talk about Love with our visitors. Each of us has our own unique idea of what love is… and for us the fun part is helping our visitors create love-filled holidays! That can mean sharing special time, a thoughtful gesture or gift that makes your mate’s face light up, or just relaxing while having a quiet moment in each other’s company. It’s a nice feeling to have and to share. That’s why, this month… Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc is sharing with YOU ways to help get you ready for the month of love. They are all EASY to ENJOY while here on the Garden Island.  

So this year, we thought…  “what would Cupid say?” … and all that great inspiration went directly into our new Feature story. We hope it inspires you to create a special holiday on Kauai for your special person. This new Feature story celebrates many ways to create and share Love on Kauai so remember to print it, email it, and study it wisely! Our Love Arrows will kindle that loving feeling and when you get here, you’ll already have lots of ideas for romantic things to see and do and don’t wait too long! Love is in the air, and it’s calling YOU to Kauai, NOW! :- )

Love Arrow One: Enjoy an Eye-Opening Jolt of Java! 

The first stop on our Kauai Love Tour is a delightful coffee shop in Princeville on the North Shore. Lappert’s Hawaii  serves flavored Lattés that brighten your eyes as the sun rises over paradise at the start of an exciting day. Feel the tropical Kauai breeze gently caress your face and flow through your hair as the sun warms the ground you stand upon. Sound fun?   

Lappert’s serve delicious, fresh-roasted coffee and blends Kauai coffee beans with beans from around the world. The friendly and helpful staff takes pride in being “ambassadors of the Aloha Spirit” and they Love sharing the warmth of Kauai by providing GREAT service and tips on how to Enjoy your day. And remember to swing by again in the afternoon for a deliciously sweet Big Island Inspiration ice cream cone!  Yummy!

Love Arrow Two: Take a Stroll on the Hanalei Bay Pier 

As the day gets going, take a short drive from Princeville and see the Hanalei Bay Pier, located at Black Pot Beach Park. Originally built out of wood in 1892, the pier underwent renovations in the 1900s, the 1940s, and again in 2013.  

Walking out over the water gives you and your sweetheart an opportunity to see the coastline and majestic mountain range. You might even recognize the pier from classic movies like Beachhead (1954) and South Pacific (1957). In the distance, you can see the mountain peak called Makana, also known by many as Bali Hai!

Love Arrow Three: Have Lunch at the Kilauea Fish Market 

After spending the morning exploring Princeville and Hanalei, take a drive along the North Shore and grab lunch at Kilauea Fish Market in Kilauea. Scrumptious wraps with fresh fish make you feel like you’re in heaven!

Now is the time to Enjoy a feeling where there is no schedule, there are no distractions, and there is only the “now” moment, created just for you and your mate. 
Sounds pretty good, yeah? Now Enjoy your lunch! People rave about the fish tacos! This in-house specialty is a “must try” even if you usually prefer chicken or beef. You can even place an order “to go” so you can make the most of your Romantic day!

Love Arrow Four: Share a Romantic Hike 

Being outdoors in the middle of winter is something we can all appreciate. Especially for our Friends coming from colder climates! At Princeville Ranch, you can Enjoy a guided tour to one of the coolest waterfalls on Kauai. 

Corinne at the Princeville Ranch says “this photo is exactly what guests get to see when visiting.” You can also have a swim, feel the spray of the waterfall, and have lunch while surrounded by Kauai’s lush tropical beauty. 

Other options include horseback riding and a number of other adventures. Note: Remember to wear hiking boots or athletic shoes, always wear sunscreen, and learn from your tour guides. We all have your safety in mind. Bring a towel and your bathing suit!  

Love Arrow Five: Enjoy a Romantic Dinner  

Time to skip ahead and talk about dinner! Yum!  One of the most beautiful locations to have a romantic meal for two is at Makana Terrace at St. Regis Princeville! The photo below shows an example of a private meal you can arrange on the sand. Such a wonderful…. location is to share a tropical beverage with amazing food, while gazing into your mate’s eyes. 

Makana Terrace offers an exquisite, four-course meal along with spot-on wine pairings that are a special treat. The staff’s excellent service… the designer stemware, flatware, and china provide a luxurious feeling that helps you feel like you are in paradise. See yourself in the picture? Gazing out into the ocean after your final course, holding hands, and feeling perfectly at ease as the Love on Kauai nourishes your soul; what a lovely way to Enjoy an evening.

For Love is Here and Now

Ma'ane'i No Ke Aloha Ke'ia! It’s a phrase that invites you to experience the many ways of Sharing and Being in Love on Kauai.  And there is still so much more to see and do!  Creating romance on Kauai is FUN and the best part? Flights arrive at Lihue Airport daily, from an airport very close to you! That means you can take off in the morning and be on Kauai in time for lunch with your sweetie :- ) And remember, you can stay with us! 

So take a moment and visit our website. We have homes, cottages, condos and villas that fit everyone’s budget. When you see an accommodation you like, drop us an e-mail by clicking here – or give us a call at 1 (808) 245-8841 or 1 (800) 367-5025. We are always excited to hear from you!   

Things to See and Do in Next Few Weeks

February 8th – Come Support the American Cancer Society 

We mentioned this in January and it is finally here! Colors for Cancer is a 3-mile color run that is a blast and also benefits a GREAT cause! Proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, so come out and support the runners! 

Better yet… lace up those running shoes and join the fun! 
The race is February 8th and the participation fee is $30 for adults and $20 for children. Registration is required so if you want to participate go to and search for Colors for Cancer (Photo:  Heidi, Colorful Run) 

February 11th – See The Katinas in Concert! 

Renowned Christian Music artists The Katinas are performing a concert in Lihue on February 11th. The Katinas are 5 brothers from Samoa who Share their message of Love through song. 

The Katinas have performed with Quincy Jones, Amy Grant, Vince Gill and many others. The concert takes place at the Kauai War Memorial Convention Hall and tickets are $15 (Photo:

February 19th – See the Ambassador of Aloha!   

If you Love local Hawaiian music, you are in luck! February 19th from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Waimea Theatre, Enjoy an evening of music, hula and celebration with Kumu Hula Puna Kalama Dawson and Kaipuha'a o Kekauilani Na Pua Hala o Kaua'i.  

Known as the "Ambassador of Aloha," feel the performer’s generous spirit overtake the theatre, leaving you with feelings of peace and wisdom. The price of admission is $10 and refreshments are provided!

February 15-22: The 2014 Waimea Town Celebration 

We shared information about this AWESOME event in last month’s Feature story and now… our excitement and anticipation is being rewarded! Get ready for an experience of a lifetime with all the Fun, Music, and Events taking place during the 2014 Waimea Town Celebration on Kauai’s West Side, February 15-22, 2014. 

To re-cap: there is LIVE entertainment, a Hawaiian rodeo, canoe and stand-up paddle races, a celebration for Kaumualiʻi (Kauaʻiʻs last king), a film festival, softball, 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, a Fun Run (10K, 5K, 2K), ukulele and lei contests, cultural exhibits, and more! 

The event culminates in a 2-day CELEBRATION on February 21st and 22nd with continuous entertainment on the big stage, food booths, games, and rides for the keiki (kids!), plus craft vendors and a beverage garden.

Waimea Town Celebration is Kauaiʻs largest and oldest annual festival where friends and families come together and celebrate the Garden Island’s rich history of plantation living, while promoting community unity and economic development! This is a really special celebration and we encourage all our guests to check it out! 
Ready to join the fun and be part of our commUNITY tradition! Great! Get more info here

Coming Next Month

Learn about Prince Kuhio and the Festival honoring the life and generosity of Kauai’s beloved monarch! It’s a true Kauai treat and another great way for you to Enjoy Kauai!

Special Thanks and Photo Credits: Lappert’s Hawaii, Hanalei Bay Pier (Wikipedia/Ralf Beier), Corinne at Princeville Ranch, Makana Terrace at St. Regis, Heidi and the “Colorful Run,”, the 2014 Waimea Town Celebration, and the great collection of homes, cottages, condos and villas from Kauai Vacation Rentals &  Real Estate, Inc. There is always something great happening on Kauai. Come stay with us! 

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