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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Promise of a New Year – See the Possibilities!

The Promise of a New Year – See the Possibilities!

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou, Everyone!  That’s the way we say “Happy New Year” on Kauai and we want to know… how is your New Year going so far? Every January, we think about all the resolutions people have made around the world. Like, spending more time with family… spending more time outdoors… and starting a new exercise program. All of these are great, plus there are a few more to consider! Like… Having more FUN and RELAXATION time!  And guess what? Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc has 35+ years of experience helping guests achieve Fun and Relaxing Kauai holidays!

Yes, we have 200+ accommodations island-wide where you can Enjoy time outdoors on one of the most beautiful islands in the world! You can have a BBQ, swim in a pool, lie out in the sun, read a book, and admire the bright blue ocean; and of course… take a long walk and Explore Kauai with your special someone! 

2014 is off to a great start and we are excited for all fun activities happening on Kauai this year. This March we have the Prince Kuhio Celebration. In June we have King Kamehameha Celebration and Parade. In July, it’s Koloa Plantation Days. And in August we have the Kauai Music Festival! And of course… on any day in any month you can have a relaxing day building sand castles on the beach in paradise! And all these activities are just a mouse click away!

Are you starting to feel the rhythm of Kauai?! In addition to this year’s festivals we have more exciting ways of being on Kauai that we will share in our upcoming Summer Countdown series, What Kind of Kauai Visitor Are You?  That’s where we showcase the many great things to do in the water, on the land, at the spa, and how to Enjoy Kauai after dark! And there is so much more!

Every week we offer Wiki Wiki Wednesday Specials on our Facebook Wall and Twitter Page. We also share Featured Properties that let you explore spacious homes, condos and cottages throughout the island! North, South, East and West – in every area, we have a perfect place waiting for you!

So start thinking about where you stashed your luggage because 2014 on Kauai is a fun time waiting for you. Unique cultural events provide unforgettable memories and Kauai is only hours from all west coast airports. So let’s get your New Year’s resolution into action with a few events coming in the next few weeks. Then, let us help you decide when you want to arrive!

Events on Kauai in the Next Few Weeks! 

Voices Together in Harmony

Cue the lights, take your seats, and get ready for “Kauai Voices – A World in Harmony!” Kauai’s 40-piece chorale group presents a music event created and presented by Artistic Director, Randall Leonard, with Alan Van Zee as accompanist. Kauai Voices celebrate different cultures from around the world.

“Music is the universal language,” says Leonard, “Whether it’s Korean, Slovak, Hawaiian, Swahili, Celtic, Jamaican, Hispanic, Hebrew or American music and language, we connect with the sounds and spirit of the songs.” Concerts feature multiple instrumentalists of varied cultures who join the singers of Kauai Voices for an authentic sound experience as they perform songs of hope, peace, pride, and joy from around the globe.

Tickets are $10 in advance/$15 at the door/$10 students.  If you are ready to be enchanted and entertained, come on by! Friday, January 17th and Saturday, January 18th, at St. Michael's and All Angels Church in Lihue!

Come Have Fun at the Ka Moku O Manokalanipo Makahiki!

Makahiki is a traditional time of year from October through January when Lono, the god of agriculture and peace, ruled the land. One of the ways Lono was honored is through friendly competition. As the ancient Hawaiian tradition goes, people stopped work, made offerings to the chief or aliʻi, and spent their time practicing sports, feasting, dancing, and having a good time.

The Ka Moku O Manokalanipo Makahiki is Saturday, January 24th from 9 AM to 6 PM. It includes Haka Moa, 'Ulu Maika, O'o Ihe, Moa Pahe'e, Pa Uma, Uma, kukini, Pohaku Ho'oikaika and Hukihuki. There is also a Konane tournament, hula, cultural practitioners, and Hawaiian food.

Keiki (kids) ages 9 and up are welcome to compete in multiple events. Visitors also have the opportunity to play the games once the official competition is over. No fee for competitors, gate fee to enter of $5.00.  For more information, click here!

The 2014 Wailua Artist Sale

There is beauty on Kauai everywhere you look and here is your chance to take some home! On January 25th, local artists Donia Lilly, Suzy Staulz, and Leslie & Leo Hagen are showing their crafts and paintings, which are available for sale from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  There are two locations in Wailua Homesteads (look for the signs), at 6581 Kuamoo Road (call 808 822-1558) and 188 Lilia Place (off Kuamoo) (call 808 651-4563). See fabulous art and homemade gifts, including paintings, mugs, carved birds, metal prints, greeting cards, yarn bowls & more!

This is a perfect place to find authentic Kauai souvenirs to place in your home as a reminder of the wonderful vacation you had on Kauai!  For more info, click here!

The Colorful Run in Lihue

This year’s 3-mile Colorful Run in Lihue is in support of the American Cancer Society Relay for Life! The race begins at 7:30 AM at Vidinha soccer fields in Lihue for participants 5 years and older. Registration is required and you can sign up here, keyword: COLORS FOR CANCER.

The 2014 Waimea Town Celebration

Yes, here it comes! The Fun, the Music, the Events – all at this year’s Waimea Town Celebration on Kauai’s West Side, February 15-22, 2014.

LIVE entertainment, a Hawaiian rodeo, canoe and stand up paddle races, a celebration for Kaumualiʻi (Kauaʻiʻs last king), a film festival, softball, 3-on-3 basketball tournaments, a Fun Run (10K, 5K, 2K), hat lei and ʻukulele contests, cultural exhibits, and more!

The event culminates in a 2-day CELEBRATION, February 21-22, 2014, with continuous entertainment on the big stage, food booths, games, and rides for the keiki (kids!), plus craft vendors and a beverage garden.

Waimea Town Celebration is Kauaiʻs largest and oldest annual festival where friends and families come together to celebrate the rich history of plantation living while promoting community unity and economic development! Ready to join the fun and be part of our commUNITY tradition! Great! Get more info here!

The Promise of a New Year – See All the Possibilities, on Kauai!

Yes it’s true… there are flights leaving to Kauai’s Lihue Airport every day from west coast airports. That means you can take off in the morning and be on Kauai in time for lunch. From there, every day unfolds into an adventure you can Enjoy, Share, and Experience with Friends and Family.  And remember, you can stay with us!

Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc is excited to help you plan a vacation you remember forever! We have over 200+ accommodations throughout the Garden Island that put you right in the middle of all the things you love to see and do. Want to get started? Take a moment to visit our website and when you see an accommodation you like, drop us an e-mail by clicking here – or give us a call at 1 (808) 245-8841 or 1 (800) 367-5025. We are excited to hear from you! 

Coming next month: Your Guide to a Romantic Kauai Valentine’s Getaway!  That sounds nice!


Special Thanks and Photo Credits: Creative Commons images courtesy of: Carolyn Coles, spencer341b, jsmjr, Doug Brown 37; and Kauai Festivals, Kauai Voices, Ka Moku O Manokalanipo Makahiki, Wailua Artist Sale, Waimea Town Celebration, Heidi Herr, Kauai Colorful Run, and the amazing collection of homes, cottages, condos and estates of Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc... Come stay with us!

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