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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kauai Adventure #2: An Amazing Day at the Beach

We recently asked our Friends on Facebook “Who would make your Top 5 list of friends you would bring to Kauai” – and how delighted we were by the answers!  Many said “my wife” or “my girlfriend,” while one of our Friends said “my boyfriend AND my husband,” which made us laugh as she explained they are the same person.  This is one of the most Enjoyable parts of talking about and sharing the many great things to do on Kauai. We love chatting with you on Facebook and Twitter, and especially hearing how you love Kauai as much as we do!

During our February and March celebration of “Love,” we have so many great Wiki Wiki Wednesday Specials that can help bring some much needed rest and relaxation to your winter. After all, there are only so many places where you can kick your shoes off and go for a walk on the beach during winter. Good thing for us all, Kauai is just a few hours away from all U.S. west coast airports.

 So come on! Let your hair down. Grab the suntan lotion, your electronic book, and your headphones.  It’s time for another Kauai Adventure as experienced through the eyes of a first-time Kauai visitor – and this time, it’s all about the beach!

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During my first week in Kauai, I had a great balance between days of adventure and days of rest, great meals, and lots of sunshine.  One morning, my group of pals decided we should take ourselves to the beach to Enjoy the great outdoors. So we set out to find a beach that was: a) near our “headquarters” in Princeville; b) somewhat secluded yet has a lifeguard on duty; and c) offers something for everyone.  

One of my pals, for example, loves to read and sip his drink in the shade.  Another loves to explore.  Others, like myself, wanted a nice little mix of both resting and exploring!

So, we agreed upon a little hideaway west of Hanalei, one of several beaches on the island we could have chosen, by the way.  After finishing some leftovers, we packed up the car with a cooler full of snacks and drinks, some snorkeling gear – in case the mood struck us – and plenty of beach towels, sunscreen, etc.  The drive from Princeville took about a half hour and when we found the little area to park, it’s as if the beach were there just for us!  There were people getting ready to fish and surf; and the beach was very inviting.

After preparing our “base camp” in the shade of some trees, we all did our own thing.  I took a walk down the beach with my pal, who was in a similar mood of, “Let’s walk and see what we feel like doing…”  Meanwhile, my “explorer” pal immediately took a jog in the direction of an area rumored to have sea turtles.  My other friends stayed by the base camp reading and sun tanning. Now, luckily, we brought snorkel gear with us on our walk up the beach and let me tell you what I saw. 

The view was incredible: behind us was this dramatic peak, behind which we kept saying lived King Kong. And of course, the soft, blue-green Pacific gently crashing at our feet. 

Once we made our way further along the beach, we saw a small crowd of beach-goers who had come to snorkel and figured, “why not?” We applied our goggles and those flippers – which for me were rather awkward at first – and headed into the sea.  The temperature, by the way, was refreshing and the snorkeling took us to another world.  

We were swimming in maybe three feet of Pacific water.  There was a colorful reef within arm’s reach of us lining the ocean floor.  There were brightly colored fish to our left and long silver ones that were maybe three inches long swimming in a school of thousands to our right.  Ahead of us, the reef was more dramatic and even more colorful.  We began to notice little sea creatures poking their heads in and out of the reef and lava tubes.  Then, the reef drops down maybe 20-30 feet.

Throughout the day, we did more of the same. We walked, we looked for turtles, we rested, we tanned, we read – and we even saw a local family catch a fish about three feet long in the surf for their supper. 

As the sun started setting, we were ready to eat after having had beach snacks all day long.  We all piled into our vehicles and headed back to Princeville where we had dinner at The Tavern, at the Prince Golf Course, which is well worth a visit if you’re up this way.  

This beach day, capped off by a tremendous and decadently delicious dinner, was an exclamation mark on my pretty awesome trip to Kauai. Being a first-time visitor, 

mixing in days of adventure with days of complete relaxation really worked out well.  And even though this flashback describes a beach on the North Shore, there are still numerous phenomenal beach spots throughout the island. That’s why I thought this particular day was worth describing and sharing the lifelong memories I made on Kauai! Have a great time on your visit! : - ) 

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Special Thanks to: Burke and RonHamProd, MC, Wikipedia, Kauai, Friends on Flickr,, and Kauai Vacation Rentals & Real Estate, Inc’s amazing collection of vacation accommodations.

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