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Monday, May 14, 2012

New Feature Story: Plan Your Island Adventure!

Countdown to Summer 2012: Plan Your Island Adventure!
Have you ever experienced a vacation you'll never forget? Where fun and adventure pop up around every turn? Imagine opening a map, planning your daily activities and destinations, and enjoying a glorious moment-by-moment kaleidoscope of adventure on Kauai. You have seen photos and videos of the Garden Island, and NOW that summer is closer than ever, Kauai is calling you to experience excitement and adventure unlike any other place. Travelers from all over the world love Kauai because the island offers something fresh, wonderfully ancient, and simply beautiful. Are you ready to take a walk outside and see what's happening this summer? Great! We have exciting things to share with you! ☺
Part 4 of our "Countdown to Summer 2012" is filled with amazing places to sightsee, and land activities to experience while you're here on Kauai. Think of this week's Feature story as your own personal 'Adventure Map'! Are you ready to disappear from your daily responsibilities at home and reappear on a lush, tropical island? If yes, let our Kauai Vacation Rentals sandcastles light the 'Tiki Torch' path to an incredible Island Adventure! LET'S GO! ☺
Get Your Gear
When you pack for Kauai, leave your office clothes at home. Island wardrobe should match the freedom and adventure that your vacation brings. Put on a new Aloha shirt, step out into the fresh tropical air, and feel the golden sun kiss your skin! If you need a new holiday outfit, make Shopping your first excursion. It's fun and there are many places where you can get authentic Kauai attire. Find unique gifts and clothes in the small town of Hanalei. Discover colorful Aloha shirts, vintage maps, fine art, and jewelry in Kapaa. Visit country stores and farmers markets in Lihue and Kalapaki, and pick up Kauai crafts and Niihau shell leis in Old Koloa Town.
While traveling into Koloa, enter the town through the "Tree Tunnel," a stretch of Maluhia Road lined with eucalyptus trees planted more than a century ago. Now that you have gifts for yourself AND your loved ones back home… get ready to create more Kauai memories!
Explore the Great Outdoors
Kauai can be explored by foot, by car, and by boat – yet there is something special about riding a horse that brings out the adventurer in all of us. At Silver Falls Ranch near Kilauea, there is an assortment of beautiful horses and the friendly staff will help find one that is perfect fit for you. Then, choose an adventure: Ride to the Silver Falls waterfall for a swim and picnic; escape into Kauai's remote and glorious landscape; and explore Silver Falls' botanical palm garden and wild lands – all on horseback! Giddy up!
Guided Nature Tours
Enjoying the outdoors is a magnificent part of every Kauai vacation. Every time you step out onto the soft, moist earth; feel an ocean breeze tickle your arm; and reach out and touch the vibrant, natural foliage surrounding you – remember life is more than the buildings we live and work in each day. That's why Kauai Nature Tours is so wonderful. They offer "Guided Nature Adventures on the Garden Island" and they help make your Kauai adventure so much more fun! ☺
Choose from several tours, including the "Sleeping Giant Mountain Excursion," the "Waimea Canyon Explorer," the "Mahaulepu Coast Nature Walk," the "Uplands Volcano Mountain Forest Trek," and the "Na Pali Hiking Adventure." Your journey begins when you travel to the trailhead of your chosen tour in a 12-passenger van. Then, 'Adventure Guides' lead you on your tour and teach you about the gorgeous, immense environments you are walking through. These excursions demonstrate safety, care, and education – filled with amazement and wonder. You receive a yummy lunch, snacks, refreshments, bottled water, and a backpack with your tour. For those of us who love the outdoors, this is a beautiful and invigorating way to experience Kauai!
Luau Love
Kauai outdoor adventures are best enjoyed with loved ones and new friends you meet on your journey. On Kauai, we call this celebration a 'luau!' A luau usually features food, entertainment (such as traditional Hawaiian music), and hula. Smith's Garden Luau is a great place to celebrate these traditions. Enjoy Kalua pig roasted in an earthen imu oven. Also on the menu: teriyaki beef, Ono mahimahi, poi, and chicken adobo. Sit back, relax, and take in chants and songs called mele. Try some hula moves and be entertained with Hawaiian hula, Tahitian drum dances, and the Samoan fire knife dance. Ahhh… What a way to experience life! After all, what's summer without a luau?!!
Island Time
This summer, let go and feel the freedom of your own Kauai vacation! Indeed, there is so much to be thankful for and the Garden Island is here for your enjoyment! With 34+ years of experience here on Kauai, Kauai Vacation Rentals is committed to helping you discover pure enjoyment, outdoor adventure, and an unforgettable Aloha experience. Plus, we can help you find a wonderful cottage for two, a tropical home for the whole family to Enjoy, or a condo for you and your friends. That's what we do and we love it!
To see a preview of our many accommodations, check out our website and take a look at our Featured North Shore Properties below. Our Facebook and Twitter pages are always providing HOT summer Wiki Wiki Wednesday specials for our Friends, so be sure to LIKE and FOLLOW us – and tell a Friend! Then, when you are ready to book your trip, call us at 1-800-367-5025 with any questions you have. Kauai is calling you for your summer vacation and we look forward to seeing you here!

- Aloha!

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samsmom said...

These are great tips. Thanks for the recommendation for Kauai Nature Tours. I'm someone who enjoys taking tours. You get to relax your mind for a bit and let someone else do all the talking. This sounds like a good one. I'm looking forward to that luau too! Sounds fun.

IcaWhite said...

I'm going to have to visit Kapaa for some gifts to bring home for family. And please take to the Sleeping Giant Mountain Excursion. I have heard it was awesome there and it's a must.

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