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Monday, April 23, 2012

New Feature Story: Explore Kauai’s Museums, Exhibits, and Cultural Events

Countdown to Summer 2012: Exploring Kauai's Museums, Exhibits, and Cultural Events
Have you seen all the great comments our Friends leave us on our Facebook page? Life is good on the Garden Island and it is so great seeing how much fun our guests are having on their vacations. Summer is just around the corner and there are always so many things to do here on Kauai. With direct flights arriving every day, imagine this… with a few clicks and a few calls, we can have you set-up in an amazing condo, home, or cottage in a matter of minutes! WOW! Think about it! You, your honey, your friends, or just you… enjoying a wonderful holiday on one of the world's most beautiful islands. That's something to get excited about!
Part 3 in our "Countdown to Summer 2012" Feature story is loaded with information about museums to visit, food and products to Enjoy, and cultural events that provide a lifetime of memories. Every day there is something going on, so "lei" back, relax, and let our Kauai Vacation Rentals sandcastles highlight the way!
Garden Island Delight
When you visit Kauai, the fresh air, green landscapes, and mountain vistas create an atmosphere of inspiration. The Kauai Coffee Company is one of the places that helps put a spark in your step every morning, afternoon and evening. They plant, grow, harvest, process, roast, package, and ship their premium coffee beans to coffee drinkers worldwide! The Kauai Coffee Company has a Visitor Center in Ele'ele, just 17 miles from the airport in Lihue. Here you can Enjoy tastings, walk through the coffee orchard, and grab your favorite beans in the gift shop. Take a virtual tour now and take a guided tour when you get here! Mmmmm… can you smell the coffee, already?
Nearby, the Kauai Chocolate Company offers a delicious compliment to your cup of Joe. Kauai Chocolate Company's kitchen and storefront, also located in Ele'ele, allows guests to Enjoy yummy chocolate and see how the tasty treats are made. The local family business, owned and operated by Don and Marlene Greer (right), has created confectionary delights since 2003. Be sure to try their popular candy creations called 'The Chocolate Opihi' and 'Da Brick.' More Mmmmmm… come by for a visit!
Kauai's Museums
Learning about the rich history of Kauai can take a lifetime. Thankfully, the Kauai Museum in Lihue has galleries and exhibits on display that bring the customs and artifacts of the indigenous and immigrated peoples of Kauai to life for over 40,000 visitors each year! See the "rare and exquisite" Ni'i hau shell lei and other possessions once owned by monarchs and Kauai "ali'i," the ancient Hawaiian royalty. View original Asian china, sculptures, and paintings owned by families on Kauai. See "The Story of Kauai," highlighting the geographical wonders of the island and the development of Kauaian culture over the years. Plus, beginning May 3rd, the new "Spring Juried Art Exhibit – Na Pua o Kauai," opens to the public!
Moving back to the left on your Kauai map, the West Side town of Waimea has a wealth of exhibits and opportunities to further your knowledge of Kauai. The West Kauai Technology & Visitor Center conducts the Historic Waimea Walking Tour every Monday at 9:30 a.m. and the Koke'e History Museum at Koke'e State Park houses exhibits that spotlight Kauai's forest trees, game animals, and birds. Want to see more? Click here for a full list of Kauai museums.
Cultural Events on Kauai
Speaking of museums, the Kauai Museum showcases two spectacular events in May! Enjoy a stroll on the museum grounds and learn how to make a traditional Hawaiian lei from lei masters at The 32nd Annual Lei Contest and May Celebration on May 5th. Enjoy food vendors, auctions, and an award ceremony for lei makers. Mark your calendars!
Oh, and who is the pretty lady on the right, who sings like an angel? On May 10th, the Kauai Museum presents A Treasured Evening With Marlene Sai. Marlene is an accomplished singer and actress entertaining audiences for over 50 years. She has received numerous awards and was inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame in 2007. On this night, Marlene will be singing and talking story about her amazing life and career! Proceeds of the event go to the Kauai Museum's cultural and educational department. Thank you, Marlene!
If music is your thing, have fun at several slack-key performances and festivals on the island during your "May-Stay." Click here for more details!
The Kauai Experience
So… are you ready to plan your next vacation? Let Kauai Vacation Rentals help you experience heaven on earth. Give us a call at 800-367-5025, and you can also email us at We will help you find a great accommodation at a great price in a beautiful location. That's what we do, and we love it!

This week, our Featured Properties (below) spotlight the West Side of Kauai, close to all the fun places and events we mention in our Feature story! For a complete listing of island-wide accommodations, we invite you to visit our website! We are happy to help you find the perfect condo, home, or cottage that suits your needs.

And by the way… we truly Enjoy all your fun comments and stories you share on our Facebook page and Twitter. It makes us smile knowing you are having a great time and reminding your Friends to also take a break and Enjoy Kauai. Remember, our Wiki Wiki Wednesday specials share upcoming specials that are perfect for everyone, so be sure to tell your Friends!

We are here to help you have FUN, so come on over!
- Aloha!

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samsmom said...

Coffee and chocolate my two favorite things. I am definitely stopping by the Kauai Chocolate Co. and the Kauai Coffee Co. Probably take the tour too, sounds interesting. Can't wait. Thanks for the tip on the Museums as well, I love to learn about where I'm visiting. But really can't stop thinking about the coffee and chocolate!

IcaWhite said...

Marlene Sai sounds like a star out there. I would like to hear some of music. Her picture reminds me of my Aunt Lucy! I hope I get to see her perform sometime.

Matt Anderson said...

Nice museum list! We'd love to get some feedback, reviews, and photos of Kauai's museums that we list on our guide here:

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