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Friday, June 8, 2012

New Feature Story: Explore The Ocean With Water Activities!

Enjoy the Water: Summer 2012 is Here!
Stand on the shore of Kauai and look out into the ocean. Watch the waves come in as you feel the surf make its way over your feet. Surfers carry their boards into the water and paddle out in search of the perfect ride; and a group of snorkelers climb into a boat taking them to explore ocean life. Do you see why you're here? Are you ready to join the adventure? Well, get your swim clothes on – it's time to have some FUN in the water!
Part 5 of our "Countdown to Summer 2012" series takes us into summer with 'snapshots' of fun water activities available on Kauai. Today we are showing you some popular places to go snorkeling, surfing, swimming, and fishing, so you already know where you're going and what you're doing by the time you land in Lihue. As you read our Feature story, take note of the KVR Sandcastles. Each highlights special travel tips that make your vacation to the Garden Island unique and memorable. So now that we've put our toes into the water so to speak, let's jump in – shall we? ☺
The Pacific Ocean is beautiful and majestic. Its waters are cool and vibrant with life. Snorkeling excursions are a great opportunity to get close and personal with Kauai's cast of marine friends! You might catch a glimpse of the Humuhumunukunukuapua'a fish (left) and see spinner dolphins, green sea turtles, colorful coral, and more! Kauai is home to many snorkeling areas and each one is waiting to be explored. Popular spots for snorkeling include Makua (Tunnels) Beach, Ke'e Beach, and Anini Beach on the North Shore; Lydgate Beach Park on the East Side; and Poipu Beach Park on the South Shore. ( Makua Beach, Lydgate Beach Park, and Poipu Beach Park have lifeguards on duty.) Summer is a perfect time of year to Enjoy the beauty of the ocean with your Kauai travel companions. If you're excited to see what's beneath the ocean surface, click here and view the variety of snorkeling adventures that are available!
"Cowabunga dude," it's time to grab your surfboard and paddle out to where the waves break! Kauai is a great location for beginning surfers and expert wave riders alike. One factor surfing depends upon is the current conditions of the water. A beach might have great surfing conditions one day, and the next day the same beach may be more suitable for working on your tan ;-). That's why you want to take a look at the Ocean Report prior to starting your day! (More on that below!) A great summer surfing spot for beginners is Hanalei Bay. Its sandy bottom, gentle swells, and clear waters usually make for an Enjoyable experience. As always, use caution when entering the ocean. Do your best to stay clear of other surfers riding in, talk to lifeguards about current conditions, and Enjoy the thrill of coasting to shore!
Want to spend the day playing in the water with your family? Well, round up the kids, pack your beach towels and sunblock, and slip on your sandals… We're going swimming! A day at the beach for a swim is a great way to get the energy flowing. We get to stretch our muscles, feel the sunshine on our shoulders, and share smiles and snacks with loved ones! There are several locations on Kauai great for a taking a dip. Poipu Beach Park, Hanalei Bay, and Lydgate Park all have lifeguards and picnic areas. Build sand castles, read a magazine, and RELAX for a change. Then, you can cool off in the water when you get hot and sandy! And remember: Always use the buddy system when you swim! Sound like a plan? ☺
When you want a break from being in the water, how about spending some time on the water? Charter a boat with 5 of your friends and sail out to sea in search of big game fish! The Pacific is bursting with Yellowfin (Ahi), Mahi Mahi, and Blue Marlin near the Garden Island. Bring your camera along and take photos of your 'trophy' fish. And, you'll have a chance to bring back your catch and throw it on the BBQ when you arrive back to your condo, home, or cottage. Water sports are great exercise, and in this case, they feed you too! There are several fishing charters on Kauai to choose from, including Hawaiian Style Fishing and Kai Bear Sportfishing to name a few. Find a fishing trip that suits you and Enjoy the good times!
Ocean Report
What if there was a way to check on the current ocean conditions before you go out on your ocean adventures? Well, there is! The Ocean Report helps prepare us for our experience in the water. It provides daily recommendations for the calmest swimming and snorkeling locations. It reports surf heights, wind speed, and visibility for various popular beaches. Want to know which locations have lifeguards? The Ocean Report has you covered. And the printable version includes important safety tips! Advisories and Warnings are updated on the site daily. We want everyone to Enjoy Kauai.
Kauai Is 'Waterful!'
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- Aloha!

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