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Monday, February 13, 2012

New Feature Story: Love is in the Air!

Love Is In The Air!

Who says love and romance peak on Valentine’s Day? Here on Kauai, every walk on the beach, every beautiful sunset, and every laugh and sigh are signs of love waiting to burst free.  Romance is alive here on the Garden Island, waiting for you and your Honey to jump on a plane, open your eyes, and breathe-in as much love as you are ready to receive! 

Let Kauai Vacation Rentals show you how EASY it is to find and share love on Kauai. While Cupid is busy shooting love arrows into the sky, we created a roadmap for what to “do” when those arrows land! This week’s Feature Story celebrates Love on Kauai with a special “Romance Guide” checklist you can print and bring with you.  No matter when you come, there is something special awaiting you – so let’s get your travel plans started! Love is in the air, and it’s calling YOU!

Princeville Pleasures

The North Shore of Kauai is known for beautiful spas, wonderful restaurants, surfing and plenty of things to do outdoors. Princeville is one of the largest areas on the North Shore and a great place to start your day. Lappert’s Hawaii serves up amazing fresh-roasted coffee, blending Kauai coffee beans with beans from around the world. The staff pride themselves on being “ambassadors of the Aloha Spirit” exhibited by the love and warmth they share with guests. Get the day started, explore the North Shore, and be sure to come back in the afternoon for a deliciously sweet Kauai Pie ice cream cone!

Just up the road in nearby Hanalei is… On the Road to Hanalei. Looking for special gifts and food unique to the Garden Island? This is the place. Chat with friendly staff, learn more about your “new town,” and leave with jewelry and perfume made on Kauai for that “special moment” later on the beach. ;-D This is a romantic vacation, after all! 

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